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Tag: his

Boy Blames Sister For Broken TV Despite The Damning Evidence In His Hands

2019-12-06 21:30:16| digg

Sure, buddy, we believe you.

Tags his boy evidence hands

Hilariously Guilty Looking Dog Fakes Being Dead After Owner Asks If He Chewed Up His Sock

2019-12-04 16:26:19| digg

Caught red handed, this pitbull decides the best reaction is to fake death.

Tags up his owner dead

He's A Liar, A Con Artist And A Snitch. His Testimony Could Soon Send A Man To His Death

2019-12-04 14:18:50| digg

Paul Skalnik has a decadeslong criminal record and may be one of the most prolific jailhouse informants in US history. The state of Florida is planning to execute a man based largely on his word.

Tags to send man con

There's A Lot Of Snow In Canada, So This Guy Made A Snowman Bigger Than His House

2019-11-27 23:12:53| digg

Four years ago, Ben Willingdorf built a gigantic Olaf snowman that was taller than his house, and the video is still amazing to watch now.

Tags than made his house

Man bludgeoned fiancee to death in jealous rage after she wanted to leave him because of his cross-dressing habits

2019-11-26 13:04:28| Telegraph Business

Tags of man his leave


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