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Tag: his

The 'Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife' Guy Works In Real Estate Now And He Seems Really Good At His Job

2020-08-01 23:18:58| digg

Antoine Dodson, who went viral for giving a hilarious interview on the news back in 2010, sells homes now.

Tags good real his estate

The Police Tried To Make Me Medically Examine A Man Against His Will

2020-07-30 23:34:21| digg

In an excerpt from "The Beauty in Breaking," ER physician Michele Harper details the ways law enforcement tries to force physical exams without consent — and how medical systems are often complicit.

Tags will make man his

Why It Took This Man 20 Years To Prove He Didn't Murder His Wife

2020-07-29 22:18:43| digg

In 1999, Glen Assoun was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife. He never stopped professing his innocence — and two decades later, the justice system finally admitted he was right.

Tags years man his wife

This 80-Year-Old Man Found Out How To Do Green Screen On His Computer And Is Having The Time Of His Life

2020-07-28 16:19:43| digg

Bohuslav Schwab figured out how to do visual effects using chroma key with his computer.

Tags the of time found

Guy Fulfills His Promise, Moves His Childhood Tree To His House

2020-07-24 20:18:43| digg

When he was a kid, he made a promise that he would move an oak tree he had planted to his new place after he had built a home for himself, and we see in this video the lengths he went through to fulfill that promise.

Tags his house tree guy


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