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Tag: saved

The Daring Nun Who Hid And Saved 83 Jewish Children

2020-09-09 21:17:54| digg

Two Jewish girls from north-eastern France found themselves in great danger when Germany invaded 80 years ago. But while their parents and younger sister were caught and murdered, they survived — with dozens of other Jewish children — thanks to the bravery of a nun in a convent near Toulouse.

Tags children saved nun jewish

How We Saved Our Neighborhood From A Wildfire

2020-09-09 19:19:48| digg

With the CZU Lightning Complex fire bearing down on them, a rogue group of citizens banded together to stay and defend their homes in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California. Here's how they fought the fire — and won.

Tags saved neighborhood wildfire

How many lives would a more normal President have saved in the United States?

2020-09-06 16:56:05| The Economic Times

Right now, the U.S. accounts for 4% of the worlds population, and for 22% of confirmed COVID-19 deaths. But suppose that the United States had done merely an average job of fighting the coronavirus, meaning that our country accounted for the same share of virus deaths as it did global population. How many Americans would still be alive? The answer: about 145,000.

Tags the united states normal


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