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How many Covid cases have there been in your area? Use our tool to find out

2021-06-09 16:21:20| Telegraph Business

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Arturia FX Collection 2 packs 22 plugins youll actually use

2021-06-08 19:01:15| Engadget

Arturia's updated FX collection adds seven new plug ins and is a much better bang-for-your-buck.

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Apple Is Finally Starting to Put the iPad Pro's Power to Good Use With iPadOS 15

2021-06-07 20:07:00| Gizmodo

Apples decision to spin-off a separate version of iOS for the iPad (and to stick its M1 processor inside the devices) makes even more sense with the arrival of iPadOS 15 that continues to push the tablets away from being just media consumption devices to serviceable laptop replacements with improved multi-tasking,Read more...

Tags with use good power

Nissans in-car infotainment needs a codebreaker to use it

2021-06-07 08:00:02| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

After my Micras battery failed, the satnav and radio are locked but I cant get the code to unlock itCan you please ask Nissan to find the radio code that will make my 2009 Micra fully functional again? The car, which I bought new from the main Nissan dealer in Worcester, has always been reliable and a joy to own until now.Last December, the battery completely failed when I had stopped briefly in a local layby. A friend managed to jumpstart the vehicle, and I have since replaced the battery with a new one. Continue reading...

Tags it use infotainment codebreaker

UK and EU investigate Facebook over unfair use of data in digital advertising

2021-06-04 14:50:45| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Joint inquiry to consider if Facebook stifles competition on Marketplace and Dating platformUK and EU regulators are investigating Facebook over whether it is abusing its dominance in digital advertising.It marks the first time the regulators have coordinated on a major inquiry since Brexit, and strikes at the core of Facebooks revenues, which rely heavily on selling advertising on its platform. Continue reading...

Tags use data digital advertising


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