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There are no easy answers to how football tackles its billionaire owners | Jonathan Wilson

2021-05-08 21:00:00| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Fans are right to protest but unless the games riches are better redistributed the super-rich benefactors are here to stay Whether you see in the demonstrations at Old Trafford last week an outrageous affront to law and decency or a legitimate mode of dissent, a public expression at last of long-held grievances, it is clear, perhaps for the first time in English football, that there is a real sense of militancy among fans. With the super-clubs in retreat, the possibility of change appears real or at least more real than it has been for years. In which case fans should probably work out what they want.Already it is notable that the serious protests have been focused at the two super-clubs who have most reason to be frustrated with their owners. The mutinous mood of the past few weeks feels multi-layered. Manchester United and Arsenal fans both have specific issues with their American billionaire owners that go far beyond a lack of success on the pitch, feeding into a broader sense that football is being taken away from its roots and the people to whom it used to belong. This is happening in a country beginning to emerge from lockdown into intense financial uncertainty; there is a lot of pent-up energy which may dissipate as life returns to something like normal or it may not, particularly if the economic situation worsens. Continue reading...

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Try this easy tactic to trick your brain into making better decisions

2021-05-07 07:00:19| Fast Company

When it comes to serious decisions in business or in life, this mental quirk can set us up for catastrophic failure unless we actively work to keep it in check. Imagine this: You’re heading for the cashier at your local bookstore when you pass a display selling coffee mugs for $5. There’s only one left, sporting an image of your favorite celebrity, but you’re not willing to spend five bucks on it. Then you notice the clearance sign marking it down to $2.50. You pick up the mug and pay for it with your other merchandise.Read Full Story

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Easy Ways To Earn Airline Miles Besides Flying

2021-05-06 21:52:27| digg

Air travel is expected to ramp up this summer. Here are some ways to accumulate airline miles ahead of time so you can get great deals on flights and other travel benefits.

Tags easy ways miles earn

Earn $1,000 in Monthly Retirement Dividends With 4 Easy Steps

2021-04-30 13:45:00| Fool.com Headlines

With some self-discipline and as much time as possible, you can build a surprisingly big dividend-driving nest egg.

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