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When Essential Workers Earn Less Than The Jobless

2020-07-01 23:18:53| digg

A strange thing happened this spring. As co-workers began to get sick, essential worker Yudelka LaVigna took an unpaid leave of absence. When she got her unemployment benefits, she realized something unheard of: She was making more money not working.

Tags the essential workers earn

Hotels Are Telling Us They're Giving Rooms A Deep Clean, But Inside Edition Discovered The Gross Truth

2020-07-01 23:18:53| digg

Inside Edition producers checked into different New York City hotel rooms applied the Inside Edition logo onto pillows, sheets and towels. After checking out, they returned to the same room under a new guest name and made a shocking discovery.

Tags the edition inside hotels

The Science Behind The Power Of The Eyes

2020-07-01 22:29:49| digg

New research helps us understand why the eyes are both powerful and mysterious.

Tags the power science eyes

Who will recover faster from the virus? Europe or the US?

2020-07-01 20:24:18| The Economic Times

The contrast between Europe and the United States has been particularly stark. Much of Europe resorted to strict lockdowns that mostly beat back the virus but capsized economies. In the United States, President Donald Trump has prioritized getting the economy moving even as infections multiply.

Tags the us europe faster

Someone Made A Sand Sculpture Of Danny DeVito, And It's Quite The Stunning Work Of Art

2020-07-01 20:18:30| digg

TikToker @stephalubart put a lot of work into this extraordinary bust of Danny DeVito made entirely of sand, and white pebbles that look a little too much like human teeth.

Tags the of made work


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