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Stock Markets Soar, but Will These 2 Bank Stocks Spoil the Party?

2021-01-20 23:12:00| Fool.com Headlines

Investors ignore earnings season at their peril.

Tags the party stock bank

Mitch McConnell Says Donald Trump 'Provoked' The Insurrection At The Capitol

2021-01-19 22:25:15| digg

"The mob was fed lies," the Senate majority leader said. "They were provoked by the president and other powerful people."

Tags the donald capitol mitch

This Is How The Super Rich Are Beating You To The Vaccine

2021-01-18 20:26:34| digg

As health workers wait to be vaccinated, the wealthy are jumping the queue to get jabs on "vaccine holidays" in places like Dubai and Goa.

Tags to the you super

Brexiters are waking up to the damage they've done. Oh, the schadenfreude | Polly Toynbee

2021-01-18 17:46:14| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

From horse racing to fishing to road haulage, British industry is in chaos. No wonder Brexiters are turning on each otherBrexit has beached the fishing boats at Hastings. The two-man crew of Paul Joys boat Kaya have left for shore jobs, after the price of the huss they land fell to just 2p a kilo. Exports to the European Union are Brexit-blighted, with fishers across Britain poleaxed by new costs and regulations, their catches rotting before they reach EU markets. Its costing them millions already.For the past two years Joy, a passionate Brexiter, has consistently told me he believes his industry would be shafted in any trade deal. Betrayed, sacrificed, he says, outraged at the governments failure to secure British fishing rights for 12 miles around the coast, and now crippled by the export costs. So when foreign secretary Dominic Raab has the effrontery to tell the BBCs Andrew Marr that this is a great deal for the fishing industry, he must know its not true. Continue reading...

Tags the damage waking polly

United States: Misclassification Of Workers: Should Employers Rely On The US Department Of Labor's Clarification Of The Economic Reality Test? - lus Laboris

2021-01-18 14:33:46| Mondaq.Com

On 6 January 2021, the US Department of Labor issued a rule clarifying the criteria for establishing whether a worker is an independent contractor.

Tags the united states united states


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