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Like Sea Limited? Here Are 2 Risks to Be Aware of Before You Buy

2021-09-26 16:33:00| Fool.com Headlines

While this diverse tech company has plenty of opportunities for growth, it also has noteworthy challenges to overcome.

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Mamata Banerjee alleges that Centre didn't let her go to Rome global peace meet out of 'jealousy'

2021-09-26 05:56:18| The Economic Times

The ministry of external affairs in a one-line communique, which reached the secretariat during the day said the "event is not commensurate for (attendance at) the level of chief minister," a secretariat official said. BJP meanwhile said that the decision was taken on well-established norms and protocols, and that there is no politics in it.

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NASA's AR graphic novel is meant to recruit a new wave of astronauts

2021-09-25 22:49:55| Engadget

NASA clearly needs more astronauts if programs like Artemis are to be successful, and it thinks it has a clever sales pitch: a tech-savvy comic. The space agency has released an augmented reality graphic novel, First Woman, that tells the tale of the fictional Callie Rodriguez as she becomes (what else?) the first woman to land on the Moon. You can read the 40-page first issue as-is, but NASA really wants you to download a companion mobile app (for Android and iOS) or scan codes to experience environments and objects in a more engaging way.Point your phone at special "XR" codes (through the app) or QR codes (if you prefer the web) and you can tour the Orion spacecraft, the Moon and other objects. You can also play games, watch videos and earn badges.You can also listen to an audio version. NASA is also promising a Spanish-language version of the novel sometime in the future. The administration isn't shy about treating First Woman as a recruiting drive, but it may well be worth a download if you want to foster your kids' interests in space and science and possibly learn a thing or two about NASA's long-term plans.

Tags of meant graphic wave

Yahoo is building a new calendar app with help from the creator of Sunrise

2021-09-24 23:33:35| Engadget

Mention the name of Sunrise to a select demographic of nerds and youre likely to elicit a visceral reaction. Before Microsoft purchased the calendar software in 2015 and shut it down about a year later, it was one of those apps people loved to praise. Thoughtful design and features helped it differentiate itself and earn a passionate fanbase in a crowded market that was dominated by heavyweights like GCal.But then Microsoft shut down the app and fans were left to look elsewhere, with almost no alternative coming in to fill the void. But the good news is something similar could be on the way. Yahoo (Engadgets parent company) is working on a standalone calendar app called Day. We know, not the most exciting sell, but stay with us.According to TechCrunch, the company has recruited Jeremy Le Van, one of the co-founders of Sunrise, to help design the software. Whats more, the company has reportedly granted Le Vans team the freedom to develop the software independent of other Yahoo properties. In its current iteration, the app apparently doesnt feature any Yahoo branding or integrations. Moreover, the plan is to make it into something that can integrate with whatever email client and other tools people use.Obviously, well have to see what the final product looks like, but even if Day is only half as good as Sunrise it will make the calendar conversation more interesting.

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Yo Chris Pratt, I'm Really Happy For You, I'ma Let You Finish, But Charles Martinet Was The Best Mario Voice Of All-Time

2021-09-24 18:46:54| digg

Chris Pratt was announced as the next voice of Mario but nobody will ever replace Charles Martinet. (From 2017)

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