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2021-04-15 14:09:47| Mondaq.Com

In Currie v. Nylene Canada Inc., 2021 ONSC 1922, Ontario's Superior Court held that "exceptional circumstances" existed to justify making an award that exceeded the 24-month "high end" amount of...

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2021-04-15 14:07:57| The Economic Times

Beijing also slammed Washington for linking the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan to focus more on the threats posed by China, saying fight against terrorism is in the common interest of all parties including the two countries.

Category: News and Media

2021-04-15 14:07:37| Mondaq.Com

The Ontario government recently announced the province-wide Stay-at-Home order ("Order") that has taken effect pursuant to section 7.0.1(1)

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2021-04-15 14:01:34| Mondaq.Com

Within the framework of the agreement that the Health Institute for Welfare (INSABI) signed with the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) for the procurement of medicines for the public...

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2021-04-15 13:54:24| The Economic Times

Both Moscow and Beijing appear intent on testing the Biden administration, still less than three months old. Russia has mobilised more troops on Ukraines border than at any point since its 2014 war, while China has sent an aircraft carrier, drones and a citizen militia of fishing boats to territories also claimed by U.S. allies like the Philippines.

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2021-04-15 13:39:38| The Economic Times

The attacks have mostly been claimed by shadowy Shiite armed groups aligned with Iran who are demanding the Biden administration set a pullout date for Iraq as it has for Afghanistan.

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2021-04-15 13:37:13| The Economic Times

According to the Uttarakhand State Control Room, there were 254 COVID-19 positive cases on April 10, 386 on April 11, 408 on April 12, 594 on April 13 and 525 on April 14.

Category: News and Media

2021-04-15 13:28:38| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Crises often force radical economic change and a global minimum tax rate would help fund the worlds Covid recovery The end of the high street has been declared many times. The Covid crisis has certainly hit hard, but even before the pandemic local shops were struggling as they tried to compete with the likes of Amazon and Starbucks, who pay minimal tax despite large sales. In that context, the US proposal to set a global minimum tax rate and allow some of its companies to be taxed based on where they make their sales is a step in the right direction.Crises create economic hardship and the impetus for change. At the height of the second world war, the Beveridge report laid the foundations for the UKs welfare state. As we battle against a new foe, the call on both sides of the Atlantic has been to build back better when the crisis is over. Continue reading...

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2021-04-15 13:14:44| The Economic Times

RBI purchased 250 billion rupees ($3.33 billion) worth of bonds under G-SAP or government securities acquition programme, under which it has committed to buying 1 trillion rupees worth government paper between April and June to aid the absorbtion of the centre's massive 12.06 trillion rupees borrowing in 2021/22.

Category: News and Media

2021-04-15 13:04:52| Mondaq.Com

In a stark rebuke of the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) ongoing effort to pursue its first-ever criminal prosecution of a company for entering into non-solicitationor no-poachagreements with competitors...

Category: News and Media

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