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Fuel supply: UK suspends competition law to get petrol to forecourts

2021-09-26 23:29:26| BBC News | Business | World Edition

It comes as the Petrol Retailers Association warns that up to two-thirds of its members are out of fuel.

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Samsung hopes to 'copy and paste' the brain to 3D chip networks

2021-09-26 20:53:59| Engadget

Samsung thinks it has a better way to develop brain-like chips: borrow existing brain structures. The tech firm has proposed a method that would "copy and paste" a brain's neuron wiring map to 3D neuromorphic chips. The approach would rely on a nanoelectrode array that enters a large volumes of neurons to record both where the neurons connect and the strength of those connections. You could copy that data and 'paste' it to a 3D network of solid-state memory, whether it's off-the-shelf flash storage or cutting-edge memory like resistive RAM.Each memory unit would have a conductance that reflects the strength of each neuron connection in the map. The result would be an effective return to "reverse engineering the brain" like scientists originally wanted, Samsung said.The move could serve as a 'shortcut' to artificial intelligence systems that behave like real brains, including the flexibility to learn new concepts and adapt to changing conditions. You might even see fully autonomous machines with true cognition, according to the researchers.There's a glaring problem with complexity, however. As a human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons with a thousand times more synaptic links, an ideal neuromorphic chip would need about 100 trillion memory units. That's clearly a difficult challenge for any company, and that doesn't include the code needed to make this virtual brain work. Samsung may have opened a door to human-like AI, but it could take a long time before anyone reaches that goal.

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Weve signed Ronaldo: could other banks follow Goldman Sachs to Birmingham?

2021-09-26 15:48:36| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

As the bank hires nearly 100 staff in the city, the regions mayor hopes to attract more big firms Investment bankers are rarely compared to football stars. But when the West Midlands mayor, Andy Street, formally welcomed Goldman Sachs to Birmingham this month, he likened their arrival to one of the summers big transfer moves.I hope this isnt inappropriate, he said, addressing a crowd of Goldman staff gathered at the citys newly refurbished Grand Hotel. I think you probably are the Cristiano Ronaldo moment. Youre the big one to secure. Continue reading...

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CarMax Q2 Earnings: 3 Trends to Watch

2021-09-26 15:00:00| Fool.com Headlines

Look for another solid earnings report from the used car retailer when it releases results on Thursday.

Tags to watch trends earnings

These 3 EV Stocks Are Down 30% or More This Year. Time to Buy?

2021-09-26 14:25:00| Fool.com Headlines

Are the stocks for these electric vehicle-focused companies bargain picks or is there a reason for the fall?

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