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What to Do When a Biotech Stock Skyrockets

2021-09-27 13:47:00| Fool.com Headlines

Fear of missing out can lead investors in this space to hit the buy button at the worst possible times.

Category: Investing

3 Good Reasons This Food Service Company Belongs in Your Portfolio

2021-09-27 13:40:00| Fool.com Headlines

The company is likely on a multi-year upswing that can carry its stock even higher.

Category: Investing

Could This Be the Best Stock to Invest in Infrastructure?

2021-09-27 13:33:00| Fool.com Headlines

As infrastructure spending ramps up, could this company be a big winner?

Category: Investing

Marketing and Advertising

Uno Synth Pro review: IK Multimedia shows it's serious about hardware

2021-09-27 14:00:08| Engadget

The original Uno Synth was IK Multimedias surprise entry into the world of budget-minded hardware instruments. It wasnt just a surprise that the company, best known for its iPhone-friendly MIDI controllers and plug-ins, decided to make a synthesizer, but that it also went full analog an area where it didnt have much pedigree. The results were mixed, but the general consensus was that the Unos core sound was impressive. Now IK is trying to move up a weight class with the Uno Synth Pro a three-voice paraphonic synth with its crosshairs squarely aimed at the likes of the Korg Minilogue.Of course, as with most musical instruments, there is no apples-to-apples comparison. So whether youre better off spending your synth dollar on an Uno Pro or on something else will depend on your priorities.The Uno Synth Pro comes in two different flavors: the standard Pro with a 37-key Fatar keybed and a partially metal chassis; and a smaller Desktop model with a set of touch keys and an all-plastic body. The Pro version costs $650, while the Desktop is just $400. I tested the Desktop model, so I cant tell you much about the feel of the more expensive one, but if you already own a decent MIDI controller and dont plan on gigging with the Uno Synth, save yourself the cash; theyre otherwise exactly the same instrument.Under the hood are three oscillators with continuous wave shaping from triangle to saw to square (with pulse width modulation). There are options for hard sync, ring modulation and FM, plus two envelopes, two LFOs, two filters, analog overdrive and a selection of 12 digital effects. In short, there are plenty of options for sound design, especially when you consider the 16-slot modulation matrix.Engadget IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro reviewPhysically, the Uno Synth Pro Desktop is a bit of a mixed bag. The overall construction is plastic, and certainly feels it, but its solid enough. The knobs offer a good amount of resistance and the buttons are decent. The same is true of the screen: Its small but gives you all the info you need. The gray, black and red color scheme can make quickly spotting the controls youre looking for a bit difficult, especially the secondary and shift functions. (On a dark stage theyd be impossible to find.)The four knobs at the top are used to change almost all the parameters by navigating a grid beneath it. Ill admit that the interface isnt my favorite. But in order to keep costs down while preserving as much flexibility as possible IK Multimedia went with a light-up grid instead of a knob per-function design. Its a decision I could quibble with, but one that I can accept. Also, its worth noting that if you want to get real specific with a parameter its better to use the endless encoder to the right of the screen after selecting your target with the four pots to the left.Terrence O'Brien / Engadget TerrecnThe biggest problem, however, is with the touch keys and strips. Now, to be clear, this criticism does not apply to the full-sized version with a proper keybed, only the desktop model. But, to be blunt: The capacitive keys and touch strips are not good. They can feel unresponsive. Occasionally, the Uno Synth would straight up fail to detect my touches. And putting the synth in three-voice paraphonic mode seemed to make things worse. The same is true of the pitch and mod strips; sometimes theyd fail to register my touch or react slowly to it. The mod strip in particular is easy to trip up if you move your finger too fast and it has a tendency to jump between values rather than smoothly glide between them. If you plan to actually play your Uno Synth Pro (rather than use an external sequencer or controller) I highly recommend you spring for the full-sized version with the keybed and pitch and mod wheels.The Uno Synth Pro does have a pretty solid arpeggiator and sequencer, though, so theres a chance you can get by without having to ever touch the keys on the desktop version. There is also a scale mode in the settings that disables the black keys and maps the white ones to the scale of your choice. Which, at the very least, makes it less likely that youll sound out of key if your finger lands three millimeters to the right of where you intended.Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetAnd look, I get that touch keys are hard to do right. They were bad on the original Uno Synth. Theyre bad on Modals Skulpt and Craft synths. The Volcas are slightly better, but still quite cramped. Honestly, the only synth I can think of where the touch keys arent a liability is the MicroFreak. (And there are probably people who would disagree with me even on that.)Many of the frustrations I have with the interface and physical controls are immediately forgotten once the Uno Synth Pro starts making noise, though. In short, it sounds glorious. Especially with all three of its oscillators stacked in mono mode. While the Pro is a three-voice paraphonic instrument, I think its at its best when treated as an extremely beefy mono synth. The oscillators have a lot of body and grit to them. The triangle is glassy but dusty and the saw wave just plain rips. Add a bit more dirt from the analog drive circuit and youve got a truly gnarly sounding machine for leads and basses.The oscillators can also be hard synced, theres pulse width modulation (though no dedicated knob for it), ring modulation and FM for more metallic sounds. The FM function, though, is slightly hidden in the menus, which is a shame. Its a valuable sound design tool thats just not as accessible as it should be thanks to some questionable interface de

Category: Marketing and Advertising

Oregon Is Burning Trees in Order to Save Them

2021-09-27 14:00:00| Wired News: Top Stories

Sudden oak death, rampant in California, is spreading to the north, leaving the forest service with a tough option: Send them up in smoke.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

The Morning After: Already hyping the iPhone 14

2021-09-27 13:15:02| Engadget

Is this a record? No sooner has the iPhone 13 hit store shelves than the rumor mill is already up and churning about the next one. Rumors from the weekend suggest the iPhone 14 will be a complete redesign, but the details are thin gruel at this point. Hold not these rumors close to your chest in hope, my friends, lest they disappear into a puff of whimsy.This complete redesign will reportedly see the 14 look a lot more like the iPhone 4, with a band running around the outside of the device. That makes sense given how beloved the 4s design was, and how those square edges have recently returned to Apples design language. The hints also suggest that, with a marginally thicker body, the camera lenses will be flush with the back.Another rumor says the 14 may ditch the notch in favor of a hole-punch front camera, or maybe only for the Pro models. Plus, there are the usual rumor hits, including the launch of in-display TouchID and the end of the iPhone Mini. Just remember, were a year away from any of this being confirmed, so lets focus instead on all the delights of the 13 we have yet to discover. Dan CooperHubble telescope helps find six 'dead' galaxies from the early universeThe galaxies stopped growing despite a galactic baby boom.Image processing: Joseph DePasquale (STScI)Astronomers using the Hubble telescope and Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) have found six dead galaxies. These are galaxies that have run out of the cold hydrogen necessary for star formation, despite being formed during the stellar equivalent of a baby boom. The discovery of these galaxies is testament both to the enduring power of the Hubble and the ingenuity of the astronomers to pull these images from the heavens. But the question of what happened to those galaxies is one that will dog scientists from now until weve developed some pretty impressive faster-than-light travel.Continue Reading.New iPad mini owners report 'jelly scrolling' problemsNot a good look for the brand new slate.Valentina PalladinoIf your brand new iPad Mini is operating a little weird, dont worry, you are not the only person in this particular predicament. There are multiple reports of users talking about jelly scrolling, where one side of the screen moves at a different rate to the other. Apple hasnt responded yet to the claims, but its probably already scrambling to work out the cause as we speak. At the same time, Apple has reportedly revealed that TV+ has fewer than 20 million subscribers in the US and Canada. The reason for the potentially embarrassing admission? The smaller size apparently means it can pay its film and TV crews lower rates compared to Netflix.Continue Reading. NASA's AR graphic novel is meant to recruit a new wave of astronautsFirst Woman tells the tale of Callie Rodriguez as she walks on the moon.NASATo celebrate National Comic Book Day, NASA has published a graphic novel, First Woman, to tell the story of the first woman to walk on the moon. The (currently fictional) tale is designed to spark the publics interest in the Artemis missions and encourage more people to sign up as astronauts. Download the app for Android or iOS, and you can also explore the Orion spacecraft and tour the lunar surface in AR.Continue Reading.Samsung hopes to 'copy and paste' the brain to 3D chip networksIt wants to borrow the structure of a brain to build a brain-like chip.Researchers at Harvard and engineers at Samsung believe they can create better artificial intelligences if the chips used to make them mirror the structures of our own brains. The teams are proposing a method to copy the way our neurons are wired on to a 3D neuromorphic chip. Dont worry if that sounds like a lot because its not likely to happen in the real world for a while at the very least. The human brain has more than 100 billion neurons and a thousand times more synapses, so its not as if anyone could just build one of these in their garage.Continue Reading.The biggest news stories you might have missedAmazon says James Bond movies will still be released in theatersNintendo is releasing a six-button Genesis controller for Switch, but only in JapanTesla drivers can now request Full Self Driving beta testsGalaxy S22 Ultra leak suggests Samsung will include the Note's S-Pen slot

Category: Marketing and Advertising
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