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2019-12-12 01:00:40| Fast Company

Pretty up your pictures, remove unwanted objects, make a collage in seconds, and more with these free photo editing apps. That phone of yours likely spends more time being a camera than it does being an actual phone, so give your photos the treatment they deserve with these handy editing apps. While a few offer paid extras if you’re looking to get a bit more involved, all have free versions that dole out plenty of functionality.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 19:38:30| E-Commerce Times

Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature has made it difficult for online advertisers to use cookies to target Safari users. Third-party cookies "serve as the foundation for almost all advertising use cases," noted Jordan Mitchell, head of consumer privacy, identity and data at the IAB Tech Lab. The blocking "negatively affects the ability for brands to target audiences."
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Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 18:35:41| Fast Company

The civil liberties group is suing the Homeland Security agencies after they refused to turn over data on how they use Stingray cellphone surveillance equipment. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, alleging the two agencies failed to turn over data on how they’re using cellphone surveillance technology.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 17:52:10| Fast Company

End the decade right by going straight back to 2009. It’s nearly 2020, folks. We know not what terrors the next decade may bring, but if you thought the 2010s were a bit tOo mUcH, there’s still time to end this decade right—by, uh, sprinting back to 2009 with an app that makes your iPhone look like an old-school, click-wheel iPod.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 15:50:07| Fast Company

Revelations about the luggage brand’s internal culture reveal a fundamental divide over a complicated question: When does office “hustle” become workplace abuse? The spectacular fallout from a recent investigation into Away, which portrayed the beloved luggage company as a toxic workplace, has revealed two schools of thought on how to treat startup employees. The first says that staff should be cherished, because harnessing the passion and brilliance of “A players” is key to success. Think catered lunches, beautiful offices, and “Best Places to Work” lists. The second says that making a dent in the universe is hard, and employees should expect to work tirelessly under the directives of visionary and sometimes mercurial founders. Think “hustle culture,” Class B voting shares, and Steve Jobs’ infamous tirades.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 14:44:50| Fast Company

The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is 18.8 feet long. GM unveiled its 2021 SUV lineup, and the theme is oversize. The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban will grow by a half foot, bringing it to 18.8 feet–which is longer than most people’s bedroom walls. The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, which is nearly the same vehicle but smaller, clocks in at 17.6 feet long.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 13:55:27| Fast Company

It doesn’t take a Harvey Weinstein to make actresses feel uncomfortable and ashamed. ‘Rehearsal’ shows how even men with good intentions fail to protect their female colleagues. Looming large over the hard-to-watch short film Rehearsal is the specter of James Franco.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 13:30:20| Fast Company

Research shows phones can actually bring teens closer to their families. Phones, tablets, and laptops are usually at the top of many teenage wish lists at Christmas. But parents often worry that giving their children a mobile phone might mean they never see them again. Will they stay locked away in their room for the whole Christmas break? It turns out that might not be such a bad thing.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 13:30:19| Fast Company

The meat industry has been trying to get laws passed forbidding plant-based meat from using meat-like words in their packaging. Now the Plant Based Food Association is proposing its own set of standards on how to tell consumers that chicken isn’t really made from chicken. What do you call a burger that isn’t made of meat? Plant-based options are growing rapidly, but there hasn’t yet been a consensus on how to refer to these meatless dishes. The issue, it seems, lies in whether consumers understand these foods best by names that mention the meat-based items they represent—burgers, sausage, bacon, and so on—or if the use of any meat terms is confusing and misleading. Now, the Plant Based Food Association has released its first plant-based meat labeling guide to create consistency across this emerging food sector.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

2019-12-11 12:31:17| Fast Company

Advertisers still expect women to use their knowledge for their families, according to a new study. Ever wonder why women do the lion’s share of caregiving? And why CEO suites are filled by men? Consider the advertising industry, which spends $1,712 per person each year, apparently to depict women as mom-shaped placeholders.Read Full Story

Category: E-Commerce

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