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Small Business

2019-12-07 20:29:56| Small Business Brief

The average American business owner spends around 8 percent of the total gross revenue annually on marketing and advertising. Some people think that lawyers dont have to abide by the same rules as business owners. The biggest misconception is that lawyers have a built-in list of clients, but this is far from the truth. Attorneys […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-12-07 20:27:47| Small Business Brief

Youve just moved into a new house. While everything looks great, the garage floors could do with some work. Youve noticed a few cracks and they lost their original color a long time ago. The good news is that youve got plenty of flooring options available to you.  There is epoxy, paint, interlocking tiles, mats, […]
Tags ideas consider garage flooring

Category: Small Business

2019-12-07 20:24:02| Small Business Brief

When considering to use PCs or Macs for your business, you might have opted for macOS due to its reputation for better security over Windows. It’s true that computer viruses do impact Windows more often than macOS. But that doesn’t mean that your Mac doesn’t have other security or privacy issues. From the risk of […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-12-07 00:27:25| Small Business Brief

As a cleaning company, should you be B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer)? Trick question! If you want to make the most money, the answer is both. That doesn’t mean you have to start bringing your crew that wipes down counters to industrial worksites (unless that’s your specialty), but widening your clientele […]
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Category: Small Business

2019-12-05 16:04:10| Small Business Brief

Knowing how to market to college students is important. Studies have proven that colleges benefit their local area’s GDP. If your local college has 10,000 students, that’s 10,000 potential customers. College students are savvy. They know when a company is trying to market to them, and not pulling it off. It’s cringy and puts them […]
Tags tips marketing stay college

Category: Small Business

2019-12-03 17:47:03| Small Business Brief

Is your website intuitive enough? In the world of website views, the use of Google Analytics on your website can separate your site from the pack. Learn to stand out in the digital space. Learn what makes you, more marketable and reliable with your audience.  Discover how you can use audience analytics to make the […]
Tags tips perform audience analytics

Category: Small Business

2019-12-02 19:56:09| Small Business Brief

Do you need to find a creative way to market your business? Its harder and harder to cut through the noise to get your message heard by your customers. One way to cut through that noise is through experiential marketing. Read on to learn what experiential events are and get a few ideas that you […]
Tags great events experience marketing

Category: Small Business

2019-12-02 02:36:14| Small Business Brief

Did you know there are around 16,800 car dealerships in the USA?  If youre going to open a car dealership, you need to know how to market yourself. Otherwise, youre going to be overwhelmed by all of this competition.  Read on, and youll discover three creative automotive dealership marketing ideas. If you want your dealership […]
Tags marketing ideas creative automotive

Category: Small Business

2019-12-02 01:03:57| Small Business Brief

It’s never too early to pique your children’s’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  We recommend encouraging your children to explore these academic disciplines. Occupations in the STEM workforce have grown 79% since 1990. Estimates show careers in this field growing by 13% until 2027.   One way to foster a love of science is by buying them a […]
Tags great options kids students

Category: Small Business

2019-11-28 18:40:26| Small Business Brief

We live in a world where brands are trying to get consumer attention in every part of their lives. This means you have fewer chances than ever to get the attention of potential customers. Some studies even claim that our attention span is shorter than the one of a goldfish. Getting your customer engagement strategy […]
Tags create customer effective strategy

Category: Small Business

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