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2020-01-22 07:33:00| Engadget

Apple might launch a new low-cost iPhone very, very soon. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant's suppliers will start assembling an affordable iPhone model, the company's first since the iPhone SE, as soon as February. Further, Apple will reportedl...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-22 04:59:00| Engadget

Cruise still isn't ready to say when its autonomous vehicle will be available, but now it's shown off the Origin, a GM-built electric shuttle van that doesn't have a steering wheel or pedals. Instead it's fully self-driving, intended to be a shareabl...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-22 04:14:00| Engadget

How do you sweeten the pot for gamers wanting extra-fast internet access? Throw in free goodies, apparently. Verizon (Engadget's parent company) is launching a promo that gives new Fios gigabit internet customers a free Google Stadia Premiere Editi...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-22 03:14:00| Engadget

There were signs Boeing would once again have to push back the 737 Max's expected return to the skies, and it just confirmed as much. The aircraft maker now expects the troubled aircraft to start the "ungrounding" process in mid-2020 based on its "e...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-22 02:21:00| Engadget

The Facebook-created Libra Association is still bleeding members months after it formalized its council. Telecom giant Vodafone has confirmed to CoinDesk that it left the Association. Unlike past defectors, though, it's not so much about regulatory...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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