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2020-01-25 20:02:00| Engadget

Apple won't have to pay WiLan as much as expected for alleged patent violations. A retrial jury has reduced the damages from WiLan's lawsuit from the original $145.1 million (determined in 2018) down to slightly over $85.2 million. That's still no...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-25 18:29:00| Engadget

Tesla's Autopilot driving assist technology has come under fire over safety concerns, and now a US politician wants changes to put drivers' minds at ease. Senator Ed Markey has issued recommendations for Autopilot changes after Tesla both answered q...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-25 16:00:00| Engadget

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. This week took some interesting turns between a possible peek at the Xbox Series X back panel and rumors of an iPhone SE2. Among the stories below that you might have missed, we've also launched a series of smar...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-25 15:30:00| Engadget

The secretive company that might end privacy as we know it Kashmir Hill, The New York Times Clearview is a startup that developed a facial recognition system that matches a photo of a person to publicly available images. Those can be from Facebook...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-01-25 11:13:00| Engadget

There was a time when you probably wouldn't even think of Netflix when discussing films that should be in The Criterion Collection. Now, the streaming giant has announced that four of its originals will be part of the film archive. The Irishman and M...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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