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2024-07-17 14:30:35| Engadget

It's summer sale time for the PlayStation Network, and this year's discounted offerings include some of the biggest games released these past few years. You can grab Elden Ring for the PS4 and the PS5 for 30 percent less than its usual price at $42. The critically acclaimed title, developed by FromSoftware with world building by George R.R. Martin, was one of Engadget's favorite games for 2022. It's also notoriously difficult and will definitely challenge you and test your patience. Armored Core VI, another FromSoftware creation, is listed for $42, down from $60. Its deluxe edition that comes with a digital artbook and a copy of its soundtrack only costs $7 more. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Cross-Gen is also half-off right now at $35, though for around $4 more, you can get the bundle with some extra items. Hogwarts Legacy for the PS5 is down 60 percent, so you can get it for $28 instead of $70. Meanwhile, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the sequel to Fallen Order that was released last year, is only $31.49. That's 55 percent lower than its retail price of $70. There's a bunch of discounted Resident Evil titles included in the sale list, as well, including RE Village for the PS4 and PS5, which you can get for only $16 instead of $40.  And if you're curious about the new versions of Final Fantasy VII and haven't tried either of the games that are already out, you can get the FFVII Remake and Rebirth Twin Pack for $75 instead of $100. For $90, you can buy the digital deluxe version of the bundle that usually sells for $120 to get access to both games for the PS5, a digital artbook, a digital soundtrack and some special items. The PlayStation Summer Sale will run for almost a month, ending on August 14, though some games will be removed from the promotion earlier than that.  This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/playstation-summer-sale-slashes-prices-on-elden-ring-cod-modern-warfare-3-ffvii-remake-bundle-and-more-123035675.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 13:15:42| Engadget

 Some of the worlds largest tech companies trained their AI models on datasets that included transcripts of more than 173,000 YouTube videos without permission. Thats according to an investigation from Proof News, which laid out how Apple, NVIDIA and Anthropic, among other companies, used transcripts of YouTube videos from more than 48,000 channels. This goes against YouTubes own platform rules, which Google execs have repeatedly mentioned. Earlier this month, Apple was criticized for failing to reveal the source of training data for Apple Intelligence, the companys own spin on generative AI. Not only have these AI models been trained on some of your favorite YouTube stars, like Marques Brownlee and MrBeast, but also Engadgets own Cherlynn Low. (I love you, Cher.) Intrigued by what else may be part of that dataset? Head over to the Proof News lookup tool. Mat Smith The biggest stories you might have missed OnePlus just unveiled a new full-sized tablet with some decent specs AMC is bringing fifteen shows to Netflix for one year Senate committee says nearly half of Amazon warehouse workers were injured during Prime Day 2019 You can get these reports delivered daily direct to your inbox. Subscribe right here! Beats Pill review A revival worth the wait. Engadget To the surprise of many, Beats has re-entered the crowded market of Bluetooth speakers with a redesigned Pill ($150). Taking more aesthetic cues from its older models, its the Pill speaker you know and love(d), but upgraded for 2024. Better sound, lossless audio over USB-C and doubled battery life make this an impressive return. Continue reading. This is what Googles next foldable Pixel looks like Taiwans version of the FCC spilled the beans. NCC Take a look at the unannounced Pixel 9 Pro Fold, from almost every conceivable angle. Android Authority spotted the photos at Taiwans National Communications Commission (NCC) archives and uploaded galleries of each of the four phones, including the Pixel 9, 9 Pro, 9 Pro XL and 9 Pro Fold. For the foldable, Google has moved the selfie camera to the inside screen for a wider field of view. The 9 Pro Fold also has slimmer bezels and a seemingly reduced fold crease. Continue reading. The best Amazon Prime Day deals still going Some of these will disappear soon. This years Prime Day came with a surprising number of discounts for Apple products, the usual barrage of headphones, Amazon hardware and a 4K TV or two. While the official sale wraps up, theres still time (and stock?) for some of these deals. The Engadget editorial team have teased out the best sale items worth your money. Continue reading. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-morning-after-ai-models-from-apple-nvidia-and-more-were-reportedly-trained-on-youtube-videos-111542441.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 13:00:37| Engadget

Tesla has started selling a couple of new accessories for the Cybertruck, including a $300 tailgate shield. It's a custom-made padding for the vehicle, designed to hang off its tailgate and protect it from any equipment you're hauling.  We gotta say, it's admittedly quite amusing to see Tesla selling an accessory to protect the Cybertruck when one of the vehicle's promotional videos shows someone shooting guns at it. When the company debuted the model, it also staged a demonstration to show that it can withstand a sledgehammer. Still, if you regularly put, say, a road or a mountain bike in the bed of your truck, the shield could prevent it from banging up against the vehicle's tailgate and cause scratches and other cosmetic imperfections. To mount the pad, you'll need to insert its straps into the tailgate gap while it's halfway open, so you may need a friend to help you out.  In addition to the tailgate shield, Tesla is now also selling a $100 jumpseat that you can attach to your Cybertruck. The vehicle's tailgate can fit up to three jumpseats, and you can install them even with a shield on. Tesla recommends the jumpseat for tailgating parties, picnics, sporting and other outside events. And once your activity is done, you can fold the collapsible seats up for storage.  Tesla also offers the Cybertruck Jumpseat for $100 per unit on the Tesla Shop.Relax anywhere. The Cybertruck jumpseat is wrapped in a durable cordura nylon fabric and features cyber-style thermoformed backrest and alloy g-hooks. Fit up to three jumpseats along the Cybertruck pic.twitter.com/Ci7XQ0o7us Tesla Newswire (@TeslaNewswire) July 16, 2024 This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tesla-now-sells-a-300-cybertruck-tailgate-shield-to-protect-your-bulletproof-truck-110037148.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 12:00:44| Engadget

Canon has unveiled its most important camera in years the EOS R1 mirrorless. Launched alongside the 45-megapixel R5 II, its the company's new flagship designed to replace the 1DX Mark III DSLR and help Canon maintain its leadership in the pro sports photography field. The R1 is all about speed, with the stacked sensor allowing 40 fps RAW bursts with continuous autofocus. Other features are designed to help nail crucial shots, including pre-capture, eye-tracking AF and sports-specific settings. At the same time, it should be great for video, thanks to its support for 6K RAW capture. One potential downside is the 24-megapixel resolution, which is lower than rivals like Sonys A1 and the Nikon Z9. To see how that affected image quality and gather some impressions on performance and new features, I was able to get a short amount of hands-on time with the R1 in Phoenix, Arizona. Though massive for a mirrorless camera, the R1 is lighter than it looks it only weighs 2.12 pounds. The magnesium alloy body is dust- and water-resistant and the large, comfortable grip uses new rubber to reduce slippage. Its a stable platform, even with telephoto lenses, and was clearly designed for working photographers. Controls are laid out much like the EOS R3, with two control dials, a rear dial, joystick, mode switch and many customizable buttons. It has matching vertical controls, with the same layout in portrait and landscape modes. Canon did add a touch-sensitive IR button called the smart controller, which offers three ways to adjust autofocus. Overall, the R1 handles like an F1 car fast and reactive, but there's a steep learning curve. The viewfinder is Canons best yet with 9.44 million dots, 0.9 times magnification and 3x brightness, all tops in the EOS series. The rear display fully articulates for high- and low-angle shooting. Canon decided to ditch SD cards in favor of two CFexpress type B slots. That allows for maximum RAW burst speeds, as well as fast and reliable backups, but you'll end up throwing your SD card collection out the window. By contrast, Sony's R1 has dual card slots for both SD UHS II and CFexpress type A. The R1 uses a variant of the battery from the EOS R3 that supports up to 650 shots and 70 minutes of 6K video on a charge. Connectivity is the best Ive seen on any Canon camera, with Wi-Fi 6E, ethernet, USB-C PD and more. The R1 is built for action and suffice to say, its fast. In blackout free electronic shutter mode, you can shoot JPEG and RAW frames at up to 40 fps for a long while before the massive buffer fills with Canon promising "1,000 or more" shots when shooting uncompressed RAW and JPEG files. It hits 12 fps with the mechanical shutter, a feature missing on Nikons rival Z9. Steve Dent for Engadget The latter isnt usually necessary, though, as the stacked shutter largely eliminates rolling shutter distortion. Canon is bringing numerous autofocus improvements as well. With regular single-point tracking, you can change the target with either the joystick or smart controller. In addition, the R1 has a new eye-tracking system called Eye AF II, a more sophisticated version of its Eye Control AF from the R3. As with the R3, you must calibrate Eye AF II first. And it wont necessarily function well for all eye types, but it worked great for me, as the tracking box followed my gaze with less drift than before. That didnt always translate to sharp photos, but again, I was using a pre-production unit. Of course the R1 offers face- and eye-detection for both humans and animals. But what happens if youre trying to single out someone in a crowd of players? Steve Dent for Engadget First off, there are now AI modes for three specific sports, volleyball, basketball and soccer. The idea is that the system will track action around the ball to help you nail key shots. Its also supposed to stay locked on a player even in traffic. Finally, you can register up to 10 faces to keep track of a whole team of athletes. How well does this work? Its hard to say in the short time I had the camera, but I didnt notice a dramatic improvement with chaotic action or specific sports. But these features require time to master, so a full review will tell me more. Another new feature to help pros avoid missing shots is pre-continuous shooting, something that's seen on many high-end cameras these days. The R1 starts taking photos when you half-press the shutter button, recording up to the last 20 frames once its fully pressed. Canon has led the way in image stabilization since the R5, and the R1 offers a solid 8.5 stops of shake reduction with supported lenses. This isnt necessarily a great benefit for action shooting, but it does help with landscapes or low-light shooting. Canon likely anticipated complaints about the relatively low 24-megapixel resolution. In response, it unveiled a new feature called in-camera upscaling. It uses deep learning to quadruple image size to 96 megapixels in-camera after shooting, supposedly while maintaining apparent resolution. This is different from Sony's pixel-shift scheme that takes multiple separate photos and merges them into one. However, it was hard to get a straight answer from Canon as to how exactly the upscaling works. Obviously, it cant be a true resolution increase without actually capturing extra pixels. Image quality is difficult to judge in pre-production cameras, and Canon specifically said that in-camera RAW processing was a work in progress. Nonetheless, JPEGs looked sharp out of the camera and had the companys typically excellent skin tones. Low-light image quality is a selling point of this camera, and it did appear to perform well at high ISOs, with decent image quality at ISO 12,800 and beyond. However, its no Sony A7S III at very high ISOs, so the max of ISO 102,400 is for emergency use only.

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2024-07-17 12:00:20| Engadget

Tinder is trying to end the long-festering nightmare of having to actually look at yourself long enough to choose profile pictures. The new Photo Selector feature uses AI to pore through pictures to pick the ones most likely to get that much-coveted right swipe. The tool has been in a testing phase since August of last year and its finally ready for prime time. Photo Selector works by automatically browsing through a smartphones entire camera roll and using AI algorithms to pick the, well, hottest ones. Its like a supercharged version of the pre-existing Smart Photos feature. With Photo Selector, Tinder offers a digital companion that curates a diverse selection of photos from users camera roll optimized to help users find a match, the company wrote in a press release. You have to pose for a selfie and give the system access to the camera roll to get started. The AI uses that selfie to find other photos and presents you with a selection of your best and brightest glow ups. You make the final selections and then get married and sail off into the sunset or whatever. Photo Selector will be available to US customers later this month, with a global launch coming at some point during the summer. I very much plan on popping a wig and some glasses on my cat to try to trick the algo.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tinders-new-ai-will-pick-your-most-attractive-photos-for-you-100020367.html?src=rss

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