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2023-11-27 06:32:10| Engadget

As OnePlus approaches its 10th anniversary in December, it's launching a new flagship phone in Shenzhen, China at 2:30PM on December 5 (local time) to mark the occasion. The brand's official China website revealed the upcoming OnePlus 12 with a striking resemblance to its predecessor, though the camera island's color now matches that of the body much like the similar-looking Ace 2 Pro. In addition to the glossy white and classic matt black options, the updated green design will come in what appears to be a matt marble look, as opposed to the previous plain glossy finish.  According to our sister site Yahoo Tech HK, OnePlus has already shared some key specs over multiple Weibo posts earlier. These include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor (no surprises there), a new Sony LYT-808 sensor for the 50-megapixel main camera and a 64-megapixel, 3X periscopic telephoto camera both with Hasselblad's magical touch, as usual. Other tidbits include a 2K display panel from China's BOE, the iconic alert slider, wireless charging, infrared remote and touch optimization under rainfall another feature inherited from the Ace 2 Pro. OnePlus Little else is known about the OnePlus 12 for now, but we'll know more in about a week's time. As for the rest of you outside China, OnePlus has told Engadget that a global launch date will be announced on December 15. Stay tuned as we keep a close eye on the latest development.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/oneplus-12-will-debut-in-china-with-snapdragon-8-gen-3-on-december-5-053210494.html?src=rss

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2023-11-26 21:35:00| Engadget

The beloved action-adventure roguelike Cult of the Lamb is getting some much-awaited new content next year in an update called Sins of the Flesh, and many fans are hoping itll be the sex update theyve been (jokingly? semi-seriously?) asking for. But, the team behind the game is being characteristically coy about whether thatll actually be the case. Sins of the Flesh, announced in a tweet this week, will be free and packed with new features, stories, and more. ANNOUNCINGSINS OF THE FLESHour next FREE MAJOR CONTENT UPDATE! Loyal Cultist, your patience has not gone unseen. Coming very early next year, this update is packed with new features, stories, and more!  pic.twitter.com/RYT4UJp9Tq Cult of the Lamb (@cultofthelamb) November 23, 2023 Per the tweet, the update will be available very early next year. The official X account also teased the release of more information in the weeks to come. Art shared alongside the announcement shows the cutesy cult members dancing nearly nude around a fire. Further fueling the sex update speculation, the team also posted a zoomed in crop of the art on Sunday showing two characters laying on the ground, embracing, and tweeted, This could be us. Amidst the celebration and some concern online over the possible sex update, though, a community manager for developer Massive Monster wrote on Steam that people are really running with the sex update joke, and that the age rating hopefully wont change after this update, suggesting it won't dip too far into more explicit territory. Yet, responding on X to a PC Gamer article that said the expansion wont be the sex update, the Cult of the Lamb account posted, Says who? So really, who knows at this point. In a game that already has cannibalism and ritual sacrifice, everything is on the table. This could be us. pic.twitter.com/XbmWvfaFHM Cult of the Lamb (@cultofthelamb) November 26, 2023 Cult of the Lamb last got some new DLC back in April and announced a crossover with Dont Starve Together over the summer. If you missed the boat when the game first dropped in 2022, theres plenty of time to start playing and catch up before the new content is released... new content that may or may not involve sex.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/cult-of-the-lamb-is-getting-a-major-free-update-called-sins-of-the-flesh-in-early-2024-203500271.html?src=rss

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2023-11-26 19:30:38| Engadget

The shopping event of the year isnt over just yet, and if youre looking for a robot vacuum to keep your home clean, one of Engadgets favorites is on sale for a stellar price this Cyber Monday. Right now, you can get the Shark AI Ultra for half off, or $300 less than its $600 MSRP. For those in the market for a robot vacuum that can clean their floors too, Shark also offers a version of the AI Ultra with mop functionality built-in. After a 43 percent discount, that variant is currently $400, down from $700. Either way, those are excellent prices for a pair of robot vacuums that offer a compelling mix of features and cleaning performance. As mentioned above, we like the Shark AI Ultra a lot here at Engadget, with both the standard and 2-in-1 models appearing in our guide for the best robot vacuums. In fact, we consider the Shark AI Ultra to be the best midrange pick for most people. Setup is easy. All you need to do is take the vacuum out of the box, plug in the base and download Sharks companion app on your phone. Once the AI Ultra completed its first explore run, we found it was a reliable cleaner, doing its best to avoid any obstacles that were left on the carpet or floor. It was also much quieter than competing models in and around the same price range. However, the best feature of AI Ultra is that it comes with an auto-empty station, and one that features a bagless design. That means you wont need to spend extra money on the AI Ultra over time. As for the 2-in-1 model, its water-and-solution based cleaning abilities are basic, but beat having to bring out an old-school mop and bucket. In our testing, the AI Ultra Ultra 2-in-1 left our hardwood and tile floors noticeably cleaner. As I said, both models are great options, particularly when theyre as affordable as they are right now. Your Cyber Monday Shopping Guide: See all of Yahoos Cyber Monday coverage, here. Follow Engadget for Cyber Monday tech deals. Learn about Cyber Monday trends on In The Know. Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Cyber Monday deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Cyber Monday sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/cyber-monday-deals-include-up-to-300-off-shark-robot-vacuums-on-amazon-183038708.html?src=rss

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2023-11-26 18:30:08| Engadget

Smart plugs are a great way to bring even your non-IoT devices into the smart home ecosystem, and with a Cyber Monday deal on Amazon, you can pick up some of the best for super cheap. A four-pack of TP-Links Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A is 30 percent off, bringing the price down to just $35 dollars from its usual cost of $50. These smart plugs work with all of the major smart home platforms, including Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings. Kasa Smart Plugs are easy to set up through the app, available for both iOS and Android, and are great for anyone looking for a no-fuss experience. They top our list of the best smart plugs you can get today thanks to their versatility and ease of use. With the smart plugs, youll have access to voice and remote controls, device scheduling, grouping and even energy monitoring to see how much power your devices are consuming. While smart plugs wont be able to handle complex smart home programming, they can be used to control simple functions like turning a lamp on or off. The Smart Plug Mini is designed to take up minimal space, so it doesnt block other outlets when its plugged into the wall as can be an issue when plugging in chunky accessory blocks. It connects to your home Wi-Fi and can receive voice commands from Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung SmartThings for hands-free use. Or, you can control the plugs and thus the connected devices through the app. While the app doesnt have a built-in sharing mode to add multiple members of the household, you can use the same login on multiple devices, so multiple family members can have access. Besides smart plugs, TP-Link has several smart home devices on sale for Cyber Monday. The color-changing Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, which are among the best smart light bulbs on the market, are 35 percent off. A four-pack of the light bulbs is just $26, down from its normal price of $40. The light bulbs support Google Assistant and Alexa for voice controls, as well as control via the app. There are also deals on IoT security cameras, dimmer switches and outdoor plugs. Your Cyber Monday Shopping Guide: See all of Yahoos Cyber Monday coverage, here. Follow Engadget for Cyber Monday tech deals. Learn about Cyber Monday trends on In The Know. Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Cyber Monday deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Cyber Monday sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazon-cyber-monday-deals-get-30-percent-off-our-favorite-tp-link-kasa-smart-plugs-173008455.html?src=rss

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2023-11-26 17:15:24| Engadget

For Cyber Monday, Amazon has discounted a selection of Samsung SSDs, including the companys highly-regarded Pro Plus line of microSD cards. Through the end of tomorrow, the 128GB model is 42 percent off, making it just $11 before tax and shipping. If you need more storage, the 512GB model is also on sale, as are the 256GB variants of the Pro Ultimate and Evo Select models. After a modest 9 percent discount, the former is currently $32, down from $35. Amazon has also discounted Samsungs excellent T7 Shield portable drive. At the moment, the 1TB model is 6 percent off, or $5 off its typical $85 price. While this SSD is an Engadget favorite, weve seen it previously drop below the price Amazon is selling it for currently. Samsungs Pro Plus, Pro Ultimate and Evo Select lines are all featured in our guide to the best microSD cards. We like the Pro Plus models for their mix of performance and affordability. Although theyre not the fastest microSD cards Samsung sells (that distinction goes to the Pro Ultimate line), youll be hard pressed to find competing models in the same price range that offer better performance. In our testing, Samsungs Pro Plus cards achieved sequential write speeds of around 130 MB/s and sequential read speeds of around 165 MB/s. Samsung also offers a 10-year warranty on its Pro Plus models. If youre unsure of what model to buy, your decision should be informed by what you plan to do with your new microSD card. If you intend to record a lot of 4K footage with either a camera or drone, you will need a faster card. Our guide has all the information to help you make your decision, but the short answer is to look for a model with at least a V30 speed rating. For other cases such as storing dash cam footage and Switch games, you can save money by going for a slower model. Your Cyber Monday Shopping Guide: See all of Yahoos Cyber Monday coverage, here. Follow Engadget for Cyber Monday tech deals. Learn about Cyber Monday trends on In The Know. Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Cyber Monday deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Cyber Monday sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/cyber-monday-deals-include-42-percent-off-one-of-our-favorite-samsung-microsd-cards-161524306.html?src=rss

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