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2021-12-02 15:00:38| Engadget

Sample and mastering site LANDR has unveiled a new subscription-based DAW app called Chromatic that makes it easy to piece together artist-created loops into all-new creations, the company announced. The company has partnered with artists, session players and others who created "inspiring playable instrument loops, vocal hooks, one-shots, and soundscapes," along with a story behind the sounds. You can then use those samples in any way you like to create your own tracks. Chromatic is as much about the interface as the capability, according to LANDR. It gives users access to content across genres of music through color-coded mood boards, so you can "quickly audition or earmark individual sound sets" and incorporate them into your workflow. At the same time, they're matched to the tempo and key of any project. Chromatic - landr-1"As an instrument, Chromatic lets you explore, play, and manipulate original sounds created by artists and producers, making them your own," says LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon in a statement. "We've developed Chromatic to bring the human element back into your virtual studio, a unique way to collaborate and engage with the creators of your favorite tracks and musical styles."Artists who contribute the loops will receive royalties for when they're used. However, for certain specific artists and labels, LANDR will support splits on works created with their sound sets. "With this unique arrangement, Chromatic will serve as a foundation for emerging producers to collaborate with featured artists, resulting in a split release and promotion of a new work made with their Chromatic content." This presumably means that Chromatic users would share royalties on commercial releases with select, high-profile loop creators. Chromatic is LANDR's first instrument, and a move towards a trend of subscriptions toward virtual instruments. A recent example is Output, which recently unveiled a similar subscription-based product called Arcade. Auto-Tune also offers a subscription, and Splice recently launched two vocal VST plugins that are behind subscription walls, as well. Chromatic is now available as a free download with access to the full library of royalty-free sound sets at $10 per month. It's also offering an "All Access Pass" at $10 per month for six months and $15 per month thereafter, with royalty-free access to the sample library, AI-assisted mastering, music distribution on sites like Spotify, Sessions collaboration and more. 

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2021-12-02 13:39:48| Engadget

Tesla has started selling the Cyberquad, but it's not the ATV it previewed when it unveiled its electric truck in 2019. No, the Cybersquad you can now buy from the automaker's store is a much smaller version of the vehicle meant kids and yes, it actually works. The four-wheel ATV is powered by a lithium-ion battery and will run on electricity like its bigger version. It has 15 miles of range with a configurable top speed of 10mph, a full steel frame, a cushioned seat, adjustable suspension and LED light bars. In other words, it looks like a shrunken down version of a legit ATV. A small Cyberquad will set you back $1,900 and is expected to start shipping within the next two to four weeks. But before you seriously start considering getting it as a gift for your kid this Christmas, know that Tesla says that orders aren't guaranteed to arrive before the holidays. Also, it's only currently available from Tesla's US shop and can only be shipped to continental United States.We first saw a glimpse of the Cyberquad (the actual one for for adults) at the Cybertruck event, where it rode onto the back of the truck to show how its adaptive suspension enables easier loading. Musk then confirmed that it will be available for purchase initially as an option for Cybertruck buyers. Tesla

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2021-12-02 13:15:57| Engadget

If theres one thing we should all admire about Elon Musk, its his knack for helping folks part with their hard-earned cash. Tesla yesterday launched Cyberwhistle, a $50 whistle designed with the same angular lines as its forthcoming Cybertruck. The company is happy to explain that the Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible hewn from medical-grade stainless steel. Sadly, not long after Musk tweeted a link to the sale page, the whistle sold out, but theres hope another round will be available at some point in the future. Or, if youre really, desperately in need of one of these, you can find pre-orders being scalped for around $300. Dan CooperBarnes & Noble releases its first Nook GlowLight e-reader in four yearsIts apparently the first of many new Nooks in the pipeline.Barnes & NobleGiven how slowly e-reader technology moves, its not a massive surprise its been four years since Barnes & Noble last touched the GlowLight. The fourth-generation model gets a thinner and lighter body, a USB-C port and 32GB storage, but thats about it. Most of the spec list, from the month-long battery life to the 6-inch 300DPI e-paper display, remain the same. Plus, the price of $150 puts it a little way beyond the Kindle Paperwhite in terms of cost, but if you want to swerve Amazon and Kobo, this is likely your best bet. B&N CEO James Daunt has also said the company plans to revive the range, so keep a look out for more new Nooks in the coming months.Continue Reading.Urtopia e-bike is basically a computer on wheelsIts a tech-heavy e-bike from China.James TrewAs Engadgets Editor-at-Large James Trew writes, e-bikes are normally little more than a bike with a motor slapped on the back. Chinese brand Urtopia, however, has decided to make a futuristic rideable with features youd expect to see on a car. That includes an integrated display, fingerprint reader, GPS, 4G, an integrated alarm and mmWave sensors for nearby vehicle detection.Sadly, James wasnt able to try some of those features on the prototype he rode, and control of the lights is voice only, which is problematic when youre on a busy highway. That said, his overall review was positive, with the light weight, fun riding style and added features putting the gloss on a very good bike. Worth saying, however, is that the Indiegogo pre-order price of $2,000 is likely to skyrocket when the hardware is retail ready, so if youre eager, dive in soon.Continue Reading.Spotify's 2021 Wrapped is here to chronicle your year in musicWith color-coded Audio Auras and a quiz about your listening habits.SpotifyIts December, and that can only mean one thing: Spotify Unwrapped is upon us, allowing us to humblebrag (or not) about our music taste. Fire up the app and youll be able to find out your most popular artist, what genres you particularly love and how long you spent listening to tunes this year. Youll also get an Audio Aura, a color chart explaining what your most listened-to music moods are I got Melancholy and Energy, which sounds about right for me. At the same time, Spotify has announced the most popular artists on the platform, with Bad Bunny taking the top spot for the second year running.Continue Reading.Microsoft will be required to disclose sexual harassment cases after shareholder voteDespite the company advocating against the move.Microsoft investors have passed a resolution requiring the company to publicly report how it handles sexual harassment cases. The tech giant had planned to make some of these details public anyway, but shareholders pushed for more specific disclosures. As a consequence, the Windows maker will also have to offer details about investigations into any executive misconduct. Investors pushed for the rule change after reports emerged concerning co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates conduct during his tenure.Continue Reading.The best 2-in-1 laptops you can buyBag yourself a hybrid in the run-up to the holidays.Dana WollmanOur Buyers Guide has turned its attention to 2-in-1 machines, which operate both as a laptop or tablet when required. Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low cast an expert eye over the market, finding the best equipment for every type of user. We wont spoil the results, but suffice to say, theres a big pile of great devices in this list that is sure to delight many. And theres just about enough time left in the year for you to drop hints to your nearest and dearest about what you want.Continue Reading. The biggest news stories you might have missedNothing's 'Black Edition' brings a modern touch to its funky Ear 1 budsDigital car keys arrive on Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21Verizon and Bang & Olufsen made soundbars with Android TV built-inHTC Vive Focus 3 gets more accurate hand tracking in new updateSony's $9,000 drone for its Alpha cameras is available for pre-orderMicrosoft is testing a few ways to improve Windows 11's Start menu

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2021-12-02 11:20:43| Engadget

Recently, Amazon introduced a feature that allowed Alexa to hear certain types of sounds, called Custom Sound Detection. Now, it's adding two new specific Alexa sound detectors for "water running" and "appliance beeping" that can be used to set up routines or reminders. It also rolled a number of other new features for things like prescription refills, ultrasound motion detection and more. It was already possible to have Alexa identify those two specific sounds, but the new update means you won't have to bother training it. With the new features, you can use the Alexa app to send a notification when the washer beeps to indicate your laundry is done. It can also remind you to turn off the sink of someone accidentally leaves the water running. Along the same lines, the update includes the introduction of ultrasound motion detection for routines on select Echo devices. At its September event, Amazon said that a feature would arrive to fourth-gen Echo and Echo Dot devices, designed to use an "inaudible ultrasound wave" to detect if there are people in a room. With the new routines, you can use Alexa to turn on lights when motion is detected near the device, for instance, or lower the thermostat when no motion is detected. Another new feature allows Amazon Pharmacy customers to ask Alexa to refill prescriptions and get proactive updates when they're delivered. "You can also ask Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy to connect with an Amazon Pharmacy customer care representative who can answer questions on topics like prescription status, account, billing, and also drug information and side effects," Amazon said. Other new features include "preference teaching" that lets you teach Alexa which food or sports you like, dining suggestion ("Alexa, what should I eat?"), a TikTok video launcher, conversation mode ("Alexa, join the conversation") and hands-free audio calls using Verizon Number share. Amazon also announced that customers can now pre-order the Echo Show 15 and have it ship on December 9th. The new features are now rolling out to Alexa devices, though some may be region-limited. 

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2021-12-02 09:01:31| Engadget

Last year, Apple focused on quarantine life for its App Store Awards. For 2021, it's continuing that concept with a focus on "connection" as its trend of the year basically, things that brought us together even though we're still dealing with a global pandemic. That trend award was bestowed upon five apps, including familiar names like Bumble and Among Us!. But the niche winners are even more interesting: there's EatOkra, an app that helps you find black-owned restaurants; Canva, which helps anyone create pro-grade designs; and Peanut, a social network focused on connecting women to find support throughout major life events.You'd probably be surprised by some of the winners for Apple's mainstay categories too: the Apple TV app of the year was the boxing streaming service Dazn, something I've admittedly never heard of. The Apple TV game of the year, Space Marshals 3, also came out of seemingly nowhere. But the strong review scores for both of those apps make it clear that users genuinely enjoy them.While the App Store Awards are very much a marketing exercise, it's also a useful way to highlight some of the best apps users may have missed. (And I'm sure developers appreciate the recognition, and the aluminum App Store icon they can display on their shelves.) LumaFusion, the best iPad app of the year, makes complex multi-track video editing easy to do with your fingers. And Carrot Weather, the best Apple Watch app, looks like a truly unique watch face.AppleHere are the rest of Apple's App Store Awards for 2021: iPhone app of the year: Toca Life WorldMac App of the year: CraftiPhone game of the year: League of Legends: Wild RiftMac game of the year: MystiPad game of the year: MARVEL Future RevolutionApple Arcade game of the year: Fantasian (the incredible RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy)

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