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2024-07-17 22:30:28| Engadget

Microsoft has officially released its Designer platform for AI image generation. After a long preview phase, Designer is now available to most people with a Microsoft account. Designer can be used on the web in more than 80 languages, as a mobile app for iOS and Android, and as a Windows app. You can create a brand new visual from the ground up with AI, or use Designer to edit and tweak a picture you've already made. There are plenty of templates available to guide the creation of common image types, like a greeting card, smartphone wallpaper or a profile avatar. More experienced artists can also build everything from scratch, developing their own templates and using their own art. While Designer can be used on its own, Microsoft is promoting its integration with the companys other services. Thanks to the company's Copilot AI chatbot, Designer images can be easily linked up to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint projects. Of course, taking full advantage of that will require a Copilot Pro subscription. If you've used Canva, then Designer will feel very familiar. The service takes a very similar approach to its user experience and now also has some AI options. According to details from when Microsoft first announced the app back in 2022, Designer is integrated with OpenAI's image generator DALL-E. Copilot already has DALL-E 3 integration, as well as ChatGPT 4 Turbo, so it makes sense that Designer will sync up with those existing services.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/microsoft-releases-ios-and-android-apps-for-designer-its-ai-powered-canva-competitor-203028855.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 22:17:14| Engadget

The tinyPod is a case for your Apple Watch, which probably doesnt sound too exciting on its own. However, its unique angle a click wheel that controls the watchs Digital Crown makes Apples wearable look and feel (at least in its marketing) like the companys first breakthrough product of the 21st century: the iPod. Although you can use it as a music player, it also works with everything else in watchOS, transforming Apples smartwatch into a minimalist, distraction-free phone. The $80 tinyPod works with Apple Watch models in Series 4 through 9, along with the Apple Watch SE. (The 41/40mm and 45/44mm Apple Watches have separate tinyPods.) Meanwhile, another 49mm version for the Apple Watch Ultra because who wouldnt want to turn their $800 wearable into a minimalist phone? costs $90. Theres also tinyPod lite, a $30 case sans click wheel. That click wheel is its core gimmick, and its creator apparently believes it will be safe from Apples lawyers. (The fact that it relies on an Apple product probably doesnt hurt.) The cases wheel syncs its movement with the Apple Watchs Digital Crown via carefully mechanized components inside that make direct rotation contact with your Apple Watch crown. In other words, anywhere on watchOS that lets you scroll with the crown will be scrollable with the tinyPod click wheel. In theory, anyway. Newar / tinyPod The tinyPod website says it can support multi-day battery life by turning off the watchs wrist detection (which you dont need here). But living up to that may be a tall order, given how short the battery life of cellular Apple Watches tends to be when used without a phone in Bluetooth range. Of course, you could use a GPS-only model (or turn off cellular) and stick to locally stored music, but that would also limit what it can do. tinyPod is the product of Newar, a former Snap designer and one-time jailbreak guru. In May, the creator posted that it began as a side project before being transformed into a real, shipping product for one reason: Whenever I left the house with it, I loved how I felt. Whether the tinyPod lives up to its billing as a minimalist, distraction-free and nostalgia-laden phone or not, its creator appears to have put significant thought into aesthetics, clarity of purpose and consistency in marketing. Its website demonstrates an eye for detail that relishes in its iPod inspiration, including era-appropriate Apple fonts and a teaser video in a classic 4:3 aspect ratio. (Cue silhouettes dancing to Gorillaz.) The tinyPod is available for pre-order ahead of shipments this summer. You can reserve one today at the product website.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-tinypod-transforms-your-old-apple-watch-into-an-ipod-like-minimalist-phone-201713024.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 20:55:35| Engadget

In only a few short hours, Amazon Prime Day 2024 will be in the books, but you still have time to shop day-two deals right now. This year's July Prime Day has been, for lack of a better word, typical, but that's a good thing for anyone who missed out on shopping yesterday. The best Prime Day deals we saw on day one are, indeed, the best deals you can get now during day two and most of them haven't sold out yet. If you have any electronics on your wishlist, or you're back for day two and want to take advantage of the still-live sales, Engadget has you covered. We've curated the best Prime Day deals on tech that you can still get for the remainder of Amazon Prime Day. Stay tuned to this post for updates as we close out Prime Day 2024 at the end of the day today. If you're looking for even more Prime Day deals that are still available, check out Engadget's Prime Day hub where you'll find all of the best tech deals you can get for the shopping event this year. In addition to Amazon devices, Prime Day is typically a great time to pick up big-ticket items like tablets, laptops and robot vacuums, and accessories like power banks, streaming devices, Bluetooth speakers and the like. Best Prime Day deals: Engadget top picks Apple 10th-gen iPad for $299, $50 off Apple AirTag for $24, $5 off Apple MacBook Air (M3, 13-inch) for $850, $250 off Apple AirPods Pro for $169, $80 off Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones for $298, $102 off Anker Soundcore Space A40 earbuds for $49, $30 off Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 (four-pack) for $65, $35 off iRobot Roomba Combo Essential robot vacuum and mop for $190, $110 off Amazon Echo Dot for $25, $25 off Amazon Echo Show 8 for $85, $65 off Sonos Era 100 for $199, $50 off Best Prime Day tech deals Apple Watch Series 9 for $280, $120 off: We consider the Series 9 to be the best smartwatch available today, period, and it's a no-brainer accessory for iPhone owners. If you want to spend less and get most of the code features found here, you should consider the more affordable Apple Watch SE. Apple AirTag for $24, $4 off: We think these are the best Bluetooth trackers you can buy if youre an iPhone user. They rely on Apples vast Find My network that calls on every nearby iPhone to anonymously pinpoint an AirTags location. We found their locating features to be eerily accurate. The price has gone up and down over the past 48 hours, but you may still be able to get a four-pack of AirTags for a record low of $75, too. Apple 10th-gen iPad for $299, $50 off: This is the best iPad for those on a budget thanks to its modern design, USB-C charging, solid battery life and solid performance for the price. Its even compatible with an optional folio keyboard if you want to turn it into a productivity machine. Apple AirPods Pro for $169, $80 off: The Pros are the best pair of wireless earbuds that Apple sells and one of our top picks overall. They'll be hard to beat if you live in the Apple ecosystem and appreciate the conveniences provided by the built-in H1 chip. AirPods Max for $395, $155 off: We gave this pair a review score of 84 when it arrived way back in December 2020. Despite its age, the Max remains one of the more premium sets of wireless headphones you can buy. Apple MacBook Air (M3, 13-inch) for $850, $250 off: Apple's 2024 MacBook Air has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina Display that can support one billion different colors. We gave it a 90 in our review thanks to offers like a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, three mics and up to 18 hours of battery life. Apple MacBook Air (M2, 13-inch) for $799, $200 off: If you're coming from an older, Intel-based MacBook, any M-series machine will feel like a big upgrade. This M2 laptop excels thanks to its stellar performance, excellent screen and thin-and-light design. Engadget Sony WH-1000XM5 for $298, $102 off: These are our top pick for the best headphones on the market today it doesn't get much better than the XM5. If you're on a tight budget and still want the core features in these cans, consider the previous version, the Sony WH-1000XM4

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2024-07-17 20:21:51| Engadget

No Mans Sky has been sending players on interstellar explorations for more than eight years now, and explorers probably havent uncovered a tenth of this computer-generated universe. A huge new update called Worlds Part I expands this already sizable game with a ton of new gadgets, story driven missions and new worlds to discover and explore. The Worlds Part I update is available now in No Mans Sky across all consoles as well as PC and Mac. All told, there are over 40 new features, improvements or fixes and additions. The game already has over 18 quintillion planets but there are a few new types added to this mix. One of the new world types now have gravitational distortions that have altered terrains to create floating islands that can be mined, altered or used as a platform to build a new homebase in the sky. No Mans Sky has also transformed some of its words into sub-zero landscapes with new flora, mineral formations and terrains. Some worlds have even generated new forms of life such as plant-animal hybrids with features like stamen-like whiskers and petal-like faces, according to the official website. The Worlds Part I update also comes with a bunch of new graphics improvements and features. Hello Games has given pretty much every part of its worlds a new look from the new volumetric clouds in the sky to the high definition water and dynamic water thats more responsive to wind, depth and weather conditions. Hello Games Some planets have visually enhanced atmospheres that can produce familiar weather like rain and snow as well as unusual conditions such as falling ash and ember and storm crystals. The update also provides some engine enhancements to improve the games graphics and performance and render environments faster and clearer. There are even new sky and water colors across the universes many landscapes and horizons. The new update isnt just a cosmetic fix. Theres also some new toys in the game that help you alter planets terrains or blow giant holes in your enemies spacecraft. The coolest are the Liquidator combat mechs that look like giant Star Wars imperial walkers (if you cut off its head and attached a pair of arms to either side). You can also mount weapons on the arm such as the new Minotaur Flamethrower that can cause extreme damage at close range. A flamethrower will come in handy when youre engaged in combat in one of the new walker battles featuring new, deadly Sentinel units to fight or taking on one of the vile insect queens or a hostile beetle (or gentle but still roastable). Once youve defeated them, you can turn their carcasses into mounted trophies for your living space. Theres also new biological based accessories you can build including a Chitin Flight Pack and an insect based armor set if you want your explorer to look more GWAR-esque. Theres even a new menu of strange nutrients to keep your explorer sated and healthy with ingredients like nourishing slime, syrupy nectar and juicy grubs. These components can create new dishes to consume like Mucal Doughnuts, Seeping Pies and Juicy Thoraxes that make Scottish cuisine sound like items from the French Laundry. Hello Games Now that youve got new items from your arsenal like bug-based armor and flamethrowers, you can take them out for a test-toast on new story-driven missions like the Vile Brood Nexus Mission to eradicate an invasive species. Once you get your Liquidator mech, you can go on a Bug Hunt Expedition to exterminate species of giant, dangerous insects and other biological horrors. Phew, thats one massive update. No Mans Sky is known for its huge updates and patches that throw a ton of new stuff into the games virtual universe. The Orbital update released in March added new features like a ship editor and a new Guild system. The Echo package generated a new form of mechanical life called the Autophage, multi-tool salvaging and a graphics boost for PlayStationVR 2.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/no-mans-skys-newest-update-is-a-buried-tech-module-full-of-new-goodies-182151743.html?src=rss

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2024-07-17 20:00:22| Engadget

AI seems to be seeping into every facet of society these days, but that may not be the case in communities where English isnt the dominant language. Spotify is working to correct that by offering a Spanish-speaking version of its DJ feature. Spotify announced the new Spanish speaking feature for its DJ mode also known as Xavier or X on Wednesday. The new DJ is named Livi and Spotify has even given its new DJ a backstory describing her as a Senior Music Editor at Spotify based out of Mexico City and a music expert who has spent her entire career in the music industry. Its basically a cruder version of how Jon Hamm can digitally assign backgrounds and perspectives to cookies in Black Mirrors Christmas episode. Does this mean X and Livia will start screaming if we play Wizzards I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday on an endless loop? DJ is an AI generated list of curated songs based on a Spotify users listening history. The DJ feature also includes an AI voice introducing and commenting on some of the songs it picks just like a radio DJ would except this DJ plays songs you actually want to hear. The music streaming service launched DJ last year using OpenAI. Six months later, Spotify expanded DJs reach to 50 countries but only in English. Spotifys DJ is also starting to get some competition. YouTube Music just announced its own AI-generated conversational DJ radio generator for select users. If they dont call him YouGene, then they are missing out on pure pun gold.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/spotifys-ai-music-dj-can-now-speak-spanish-180022156.html?src=rss

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