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2021-04-14 11:23:11| Engadget

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on the PS5 as an open beta, and Square Enix's Matt Hilton has detailed the enhancements for the new console on the PlayStation Blog.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2021-04-14 10:20:35| Engadget

Canon has confirmed a rumor that it's developing the EOS R3, a "high-performance, high-speed" full-frame mirrorless camera designed for news and sports, along with three new lenses.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2021-04-14 09:40:22| Engadget

Last years Xperia 1 II might have been a mobile photographers dream come true, but it was far from perfect it didnt have 5G in the US, its design could feel awkward, and it focused on the camera experience over just about everything else. But in designing the new Xperia 1 III, Sony seems to have addressed, well, just about everything we didnt like about the last one.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2021-04-14 08:07:21| Engadget

An FBI operation accessed Microsoft Exchange Servers remotely, causing hacker-installed web shells to delete themselves.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2021-04-14 07:11:00| Engadget

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have ended the Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI), the joint venture they formed in 2019 to push RCS texting, according to Light Reading.

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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