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2020-09-18 04:09:59| Engadget

Two years after completing its $400 million acquisition of Shazam, Apple is showing developers what the technology can do when its integrated directly with iOS. A version of the iOS 14.2 beta thats currently in testing includes the ability to add S...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-09-18 01:00:43| Engadget

Fortnite: Save the World a castle building players-vs-zombies version of the game that preceded the battle royale spin-off is becoming a casualty in the ongoing war between Epic Games and Apple. The two companies are fighting over Apples policie...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-09-18 00:06:03| Engadget

If you're a fan of a certain Italian plumber and brand of plastic building blocks, you've probably seen the Lego Super Mario sets Lego and Nintendo released in August. Using a combination of technologies, they allow you to build your own IRL Mario le...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-09-17 23:19:26| Engadget

Spotify has rolled out mobile push notifications for new podcast episodes starting today, the streaming app announced in a statement. Its a relatively small development, but one that indicates Spotify is continuing to strengthen its podcast offering...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


2020-09-17 22:02:48| Engadget

After a short period where you could only visit the store if you had an invite, Amazon's first Fresh grocery location is now open to the public. Starting today, anyone who wants to visit the Woodland Hills, Los Angeles store can do so from 7AM to 10P...

Category: Marketing and Advertising


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