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2019-12-05 13:10:11| Mondaq.Com

The Situation: Reforming the U.S. housing finance system has been a frequent discussion topic in the years since the 2008 financial crisis.

Category: News and Media


2019-12-05 13:09:29| Mondaq.Com

Last week, as the industry continued to wait for promised guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA")

Category: News and Media


2019-12-05 13:07:55| Mondaq.Com

Simon Morgan TEP, Director and Head of Private Clients at Vistra Jersey, has been re-elected worldwide Chair of STEP.

Category: News and Media


2019-12-05 13:05:48| Mondaq.Com

The Swedish Penal Code (SPC) contains provisions regarding bribes in Chapter 10 (On embezzlement, other acts of breach of trust and bribery).

Category: News and Media


2019-12-05 13:02:42| Mondaq.Com

Bribery consists of soliciting or agreeing offers, promises, soliciting or receiving gifts, donations or other advantages in order to obtain the performance of an act or the non-performance of an

Category: News and Media


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