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2019-12-13 05:58:47| Mondaq.Com

In a landmark ruling in October, the UK Supreme Court overturned the decisions of three lower tribunals and courts, and awarded an inventor (Professor Ian Shanks)

Category: News and Media


2019-12-13 05:57:01| Mondaq.Com

In 1994, Nick Szabo, a legal scholar and cryptographer found that decentralized nature of cryptography could be used in smart contracts, which are basically self-executing contracts

Category: News and Media


2019-12-13 05:55:44| Mondaq.Com

On October 7, 2019, California enacted Assembly Bill 824 (AB 824)[1] in an effort to increase antitrust scrutiny of patent settlement agreements between branded and generic pharmaceutical manufacturer

Category: News and Media


2019-12-13 05:54:15| Mondaq.Com

The name "Aceto Balsamico di Modena" as a whole is registered as protected geographical indication (PGI) under Reg. (EC) 583/2009 ("the ABM Regulation").

Category: News and Media


2019-12-13 05:51:48| Mondaq.Com

In a sign of increasing globalisation, our new study amongst corporate clients reveals that almost three quarters (72%) of business leaders expect to see more companies setting up overseas

Category: News and Media


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