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Tag: strange

'Life is Strange' dev's upcoming game centers on twins and trans identity

2019-11-14 21:42:00| Engadget

Dontnod Entertainment has more than Twin Mirror on its slate for next year. At X019, Xbox Games Studios announced the Life is Strange developer is working on another narrative adventure title for 2020 called Tell Me Why. You'll play as twins Tyler an...

Tags life game upcoming centers

Self Sabotage: The Strange Swiss History Of Rigging Vital Infrastructure To Explode

2019-11-06 19:39:23| digg

Switzerland's military-trained citizens are armed to the proverbial teeth. Many Swiss defensive strategies, though, are far less visible than spiked ridges and openly carried weapons, including infrastructure carefully designed and built to self-destruct on demand.

Tags to history infrastructure vital

The Strange Second Life Of Ohio's 'Big Basket' Building

2019-11-06 18:16:03| digg

On October 20th, the Big Basket opened its doors, and people wept.

Tags life big building basket

The Strange, Sad Story Of The Ken Doll's Crotch

2019-11-01 13:33:47| digg

Like a perverted and plastic riff on the old chicken-or-egg cliche, Ken's crotch was a key feature of his own conception.

Tags story sad dolls ken


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