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Tag: her

A 6-Year-Old Pointed A Finger Gun At Her Teacher And Said 'I Shoot You.' Her School Called The Cops

2020-02-12 23:53:27| digg

Maggie Gaines was told that her daughter, Margot, who has Down syndrome, had triggered a threat assessment by the school district — and that, under district policy, school officials had to call police.

Tags the you her called

He Moved With His Daughter To College. Then He Allegedly Started A Sex Cult With Her Classmates

2020-02-11 23:14:57| digg

The father of a former Sarah Lawrence College student has been charged with sex-trafficking her classmates, according to a federal indictment released Tuesday.

Tags with her college sex

How Should We Feel About The Oscar Winner Who Thanked His Wife For Giving Up Her Career?

2020-02-10 22:09:30| digg

Donald Sylvester won the Oscar for sound editing. What if it were his wife in his place?

Tags up her feel giving


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