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Tag: them

'Don't take knockbacks as insults, l learn from them'

2020-08-13 01:19:05| BBC News | Business | World Edition

Ready meals maker: "don't take knockbacks as insults. Learn from them."

Tags from them learn insults

Guy Turns The Tables On Scammers, Freaks Them Out When He Calls Them By Their Real Names

2020-08-11 19:18:48| digg

His calmness in confronting the scammers make this all the more terrifying.

Tags their them real names

Someone Made A Supercut Of Characters From Movies Cringing At Jay Leno Making Jokes About Them

2020-08-07 18:47:03| digg

Buck LePard observed that there's a surprisingly amount of movies that utilize Jay Leno making jokes about the main characters, much to their chagrin.

Tags made them making movies

Americans' Top 3 Financial Concerns -- and How to Deal With Them

2020-08-07 12:18:00| Fool.com Headlines

Do you share any of these top worries?

Tags to with top them

A Covid jobs crisis is on the way. If you have shares in Rishi Sunak, sell them now | Aditya Chakrabortty

2020-08-06 07:00:22| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

The chancellor did the right things in March but has done precious little since. From this week, his safety net unravelsFor a hint of what the near future of this country holds, talk to Emily Pringle. At the end of June, she advertised a job with her home-fragrance firm, Notes of Northumberland. Based in pretty Alnwick, with lovely colleagues 16 hours a week, working mainly in the shop. Pringle might ordinarily expect 40-odd CVs. This time, she was deluged: within a fortnight, almost 600 people applied.Many lived more than 30 miles away, in Newcastle. Most were vastly overqualified, and a good number had PhDs. All were now fighting for part-time work in retail. It made me sad, Pringle tells me. Thats not why they spent so long studying. But it says a lot about the state of the jobs market.Look around and these stories are unfolding all over Covid UK. A Manchester restaurant wants a receptionist: over the next 24 hours, almost 1,000 people write in. A south London pub seeks two bar staff: 500 candidates step forward.Shocking numbers, for now. But by Christmas such vignettes will be piled higher than the snow because, if the official projections are correct, the UK faces a jobs crisis the likes of which it hasnt confronted for two generations. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts that this winter unemployment will rocket to levels last seen in the early 1980s under Margaret Thatcher, with nearly one in eight workers unemployed. Thought youd been hurt badly by the banking crash of 2008? Just wait. Continue reading...

Tags now them jobs sell


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