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Tag: start

Should You Start Your Own Business in 2020?

2020-01-16 15:49:00| Fool.com Headlines

Ask yourself these four questions to know whether this is the year to venture out independently.

Tags business start

Technical Scoop: We are off to an interesting start for the year

2020-01-13 17:04:39| GoldSeek.com News

The New Year has started off with a bang with some volatile moves this past week for oil and gold in particular and new all-time highs once again for the stock markets. All this despite the threat of war, impeachment, slowing economies and massive debt. January is a leader month in many ways as there is the January Barometer. We look at what it is and its remarkable performance. As well we look at what is known as the Early Warning System, the first five days of January and its record in predicting the market. With the market up during the early period does that bode well for the year? We also examine the effects of war on stock markets. Well war is business and no surprise that markets tend to do well but not right away. We return with a full report covering usual topics such as our recession watch spread. As well we have our chart of the week looking at the history of how long it takes stock markets to recover from stock market collapse such as we witnessed during the 2008 financial crisis. To make it fair we used inflation-adjusted markets rather than nominal. We are off to an interesting start for the year. And with impeachment, elections, threats of war and more it promises to be an interesting year. But will it perform as well as it did in 2019 a year that delivered excellent returns? There is an old saying that in an up market like this everyone should make money. But how well do you do when the music stops?

Tags the year start technical

...or start cleaning up India's financial mess?

2020-01-11 18:30:00| The Economic Times

...or start cleaning up India's financial mess?With banks risk-averse & NBFCs facing liquidity crunch, the sector wants to regain confidence to restart lending.

Tags start financial cleaning mess

How Harry and Meghan may start cutting the royal purse strings

2020-01-09 19:27:11| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Duke and Duchess of Sussex say they will work to become financially independentThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said they will work to become financially independent as they step back from official royal duties. While that may sound like they plan to start earning a living, it is actually about gradually cutting down on the money they receive from the government via the sovereign grant. Related: Harry and Meghan need to know that freelance life isnt a walk in the park | Gaby Hinsliff Continue reading...

Tags start royal harry cutting

India: PSARA License: To Start A Private Security Agency Business In India - EquiCorp Associates

2020-01-07 11:04:58| Mondaq.Com

Private Security Agency business is one of the most sought and rapid growing business in India with huge demand and potential.

Tags business start private security


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