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Tag: made

The Outrageous Three-Wheeled Sedan That Almost Made It

2020-01-23 00:17:11| digg

In 1948 the car must have looked like the future to many a prospective auto buyer — that is, had Glenn Davis ever delivered on his promises to mass produce the vehicle.

Tags it made sedan outrageous

Cruise's self-driving electric shuttle is made for ride-sharing

2020-01-22 04:59:00| Engadget

Cruise still isn't ready to say when its autonomous vehicle will be available, but now it's shown off the Origin, a GM-built electric shuttle van that doesn't have a steering wheel or pedals. Instead it's fully self-driving, intended to be a shareabl...

Tags made electric cruises shuttle

Gap Made a Smart Decision in Calling Off Its Old Navy Spinoff

2020-01-21 16:03:00| Fool.com Headlines

The company may do better in the long run by staying whole.

Tags made old decision smart

India: Viewpoint On The Announcement Made By The FM To Boost The Real Estate Sector Through AIF - Rajani Associates

2020-01-20 07:13:13| Mondaq.Com

Recently, the Hon'ble Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of such amendment to IBC thereby retaining the cheer on the homebuyers face.

Tags made through real estate

Britt Ekland says #MeToo has made being a man 'very hard' as behaviour that was once laughed off will now get you into 'serious trouble'

2020-01-19 19:30:16| Telegraph Business

Tags you was will into


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