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Tag: inside

Beyond The Moldy Jam Scandal: The Inside Story Of What Went Wrong At Sqirl

2020-08-04 00:19:07| digg

Over the past two-and-a-half months, we interviewed 21 former and current Sqirl employees — 10 on the record — the vast majority of whom shared similar stories of unsafe working conditions, unsanitary food-handling practices (including scraping mold off buckets of jam), and food being prepared in a kitchen that was unpermitted for years.

Tags what story inside went

Netflixs Immigration Nation offers an unflinching portrait inside ICEand a broken system

2020-08-03 05:01:53| Fast Company

‘Immigration Nation’ captures the pitfalls of the U.S.’s immigration policy, the ICE officers working within it, and the families torn up by it. Anti-immigration policies have been one of the defining initiatives of the Trump’s administration—and nothing has been more controversial than Trump’s use of ICE to try to enforce his efforts to deport both Latinx and Muslim immigrants.Read Full Story

Tags system offers inside nation

YouTubers Go Inside The $200 Million Biosphere 2 Dome Which Was Engineered To Replicate The Earth's Environment In Space

2020-08-01 15:19:08| digg

Yes Theory treks out to Oracle, Arizona and discover the facility that was supposed to prepare us for interplanetary travel.

Tags in million space inside

Inside Netflixs Strong Black Lead: How the streamer showcases a variety of Black experiences

2020-07-30 09:00:05| Fast Company

Netflix’s marketing arm Strong Black Lead is a case study in the effectiveness of not only hiring people of color, but giving them the tools to make their ideas a reality. When Netflix’s marketing arm Strong Black Lead officially launched in 2018, it was a flag in the ground that one of the world’s leading entertainment companies would use its influence to amplify Black voices and creators—and not just during Black History Month or another uprising.Read Full Story

Tags black lead strong variety

Australia: Inside Track: Local Government - In the media, In practice and courts, Cases and Legislation - Holding Redlich

2020-07-30 08:40:24| Mondaq.Com

This newsletter links to recent media releases, reports, cases and laws relating to local government across Australia.

Tags media local track government


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