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Tag: reality

Monthly Social Security Checks Would Be $380 Higher If COLAs Reflected Reality for Seniors

2021-01-22 12:02:00| Fool.com Headlines

Can you guess the reason benefits have lost 30% of their purchasing power since 2000?

Tags social security higher monthly

Pre-budget ground reality: The Indian middle class under Modi 1.0 and 2.0

2021-01-22 06:39:26| The Economic Times

The Indian "middle class" can be broken down into three categories the "aspirational middle-class", the "affluent middle class", and the "middle-middle class".

Tags class middle ground reality

United States: Misclassification Of Workers: Should Employers Rely On The US Department Of Labor's Clarification Of The Economic Reality Test? - lus Laboris

2021-01-18 14:33:46| Mondaq.Com

On 6 January 2021, the US Department of Labor issued a rule clarifying the criteria for establishing whether a worker is an independent contractor.

Tags the united states united states

Two years in, Sony wants to bring 360 Reality Audio to the masses

2021-01-14 14:00:27| Engadget

At CES 2019, Sony had a glass room in its massive trade show booth. In the middle of the space was a small table with a single speaker resting on top. At first glance, I could tell the device had multiple drivers, as three were clearly visible from t...

Tags to years audio bring

Volvos self-docking boat tech is now a reality

2021-01-11 14:00:08| Engadget

Penta, the maritime subsidiary of Volvo, has announced the commercial arrival of its autonomous boat docking system. Integrated Assisted Docking (AD) is designed to handle the complicated mess of driving a vessel into dock, making the pilots life a...

Tags tech reality boat volvos


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