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Tag: bias

How to shift between debt & equity to ride volatility, avoid emotional bias

2020-10-24 07:29:56| The Economic Times

Unfortunately, while volatility is not easy to handle, its also a reality of the investment world that cannot be eliminated, but only embraced and navigated.

Tags avoid equity shift debt

We need to talk about the science behind implicit bias training

2020-10-22 10:00:47| Fast Company

Implicit bias trainings are rarely effective. Here’s why we need a more comprehensive approach to diversity trainings. In the midst of the chaos of the last presidential debate was an exchange that’s worth revisiting. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke about the Trump administration’s policy to limit the use of some kinds of diversity training in Federal workplace—particularly those that involve concepts related to “critical race theory” and “white privilege.”Read Full Story

Tags science talk training bias

Why blind hiring doesnt work to eliminate bias

2020-10-22 07:00:32| Fast Company

The CEO of Fairygodboss contends that removing identity information can have unintended consequences, particularly for the underrepresented groups it is supposed to help. America’s current race consciousness is at new heights, going well beyond the public policy and political sphere and into the workplace. While the labor market is in a pandemic-created low point, HR departments and leaders across the country have seized the moment to take action on improving employee diversity.Read Full Story

Tags work blind eliminate hiring

We need to talk about the bias against child-free employees

2020-10-16 10:00:55| Fast Company

Too often this conversation pits parents against nonparents, but that’s damaging to both groups—and misses the larger problem. As a senior HR professional working for an exceptionally forward-thinking company, I am proud to have helped implement policies that support parents in terms of flexible schedules, childcare, and parental leave. One of Patagonia’s hallmarks is our award-winning childcare facility, located in the building next to where I usually work, and I’m a huge proponent of this and other measures to make life as a parent easier and more fulfilling. Read Full Story

Tags talk employees bias childfree


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