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Tag: head

Doctors are replacing the roles that used to be done by priests and barmaids, says the NHS's head of social prescribing

2020-01-20 01:01:00| Telegraph Business

Tags the of social head

Three Movie Stars Head For Dubai But End Up In The Uncanny Valley

2020-01-15 21:22:54| digg

A film advertises the city as a modern escape where women can do whatever they want. The reality of the place thwarts the girls' trip vibe at every turn.

Tags the end head movie

That Rust On Your Shower Head? It's A $6-Billion Problem For The Navy, Cruise Ships And More

2020-01-14 00:21:08| digg

It's such a problem that professional organizations and conferences are dedicated to its existence — and its suppression.

Tags the more problem head

US intelligence sharing will not be jeopardised if UK uses Huawei MI5 head

2020-01-13 00:18:22| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Andrew Parker insists Chinese manufacturers 5G input is safe, contrary to claims of US lobbyistsThe head of MI5 has said he is confident that US intelligence sharing with the UK will not be jeopardised if Britain uses Huawei technology in future 5G mobile phone networks. A final decision on its inclusion is due shortly.Andrew Parker said he had no reason today to think that the longstanding intelligence partnership would be affected despite intensifying US lobbying against using the Chinese company in a critical piece of national infrastructure. Continue reading...

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