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Forget the rules, there are meaningful ways to bury spiralling funeral costs

2020-02-16 10:00:25| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

As bills soar, is there any loss of ritual or tradition in cutting costs? We look at the less expensive choicesIt is getting more expensive to be put to eternal rest. The cost of funerals has risen by up to 10% in the last year meaning that if the deceased does not have enough money in their estate, their death could be met with a growing bill for their relatives.SunLifes annual Cost of Dying Report puts the average bill for a death in the UK at just under 10,000 when estate and professional fees and the reception are factored in. Such is the concern about the spiralling price up 130% in the last 15 years that the Competition and Markets Authority has launched an investigation after years of above-inflation rises. Continue reading...

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