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Tag: law

Australia: Do I need a lawyer to go to court? - Stacks Law Firm

2021-01-21 01:00:00| Mondaq.Com

If you need to go to court, you should engage a solicitor, with the expertise and experience to present your best case.

Tags to law australia firm

Australia: Power of attorney and enduring guardianship The horror story edition - Stacks Law Firm

2021-01-20 01:00:00| Mondaq.Com

A power of attorney and an enduring guardianship form the basis of a solid estate plan - avoid pitfalls by having them.

Tags power story law edition

Australia: Tree disputes: know your rights - Stacks Law Firm

2021-01-20 01:00:00| Mondaq.Com

Tree disputes are often common points of contention between neighbours, and between homeowners and their local council.

Tags rights law australia firm

Australia: Dispute over fate of deceased body determined by consulting Facebook - Stacks Law Firm

2021-01-20 01:00:00| Mondaq.Com

Dying without a will can cause disputes - over inheritance, property, beneficiaries - or the fate of your deceased body.

Tags body law australia firm

Australia: Life estate or right of residence? How to provide a home in your will - Stacks Law Firm

2021-01-20 01:00:00| Mondaq.Com

Determining whether a life estate or right of residence is the best option for you to provide a home can be complex.

Tags home will your life


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