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Tag: huge

'I had to get tickets... it was a huge sum: 397!'

2020-01-23 01:24:18| BBC News | Business | World Edition

As part of a BBC blog series, Sunneva María Svövudóttir from Iceland shares what she spent this week.

Tags was huge tickets sum

3 Huge Dividend Investing Mistakes to Avoid

2020-01-22 14:41:00| Fool.com Headlines

Keep it simple and don't get greedy.

Tags huge avoid investing mistakes

Law enforcement is using a facial recognition app with huge privacy issues

2020-01-18 21:45:00| Engadget

You may have good reason to be worried that police use of facial recognition might erode your privacy -- many departments are already using software with serious privacy concerns. The New York Times has learned that over 600 law enforcement agencies...

Tags privacy issues law huge

Woman Accidentally Leaves Her Car Window Open Before A Blizzard And Realizes She Made A Huge Mistake

2020-01-18 21:17:36| digg

After returning to her parked car, a woman was curious why there wasn't snow on her car following a blizzard and made a shocking discovery — she left the passenger window down by mistake.

Tags made open car she

A huge disruption is underway along the entire auto value chain

2020-01-18 18:30:00| The Economic Times

A huge disruption is underway along the entire auto value chainThe level of tech in new popular models in India is such that the ecosystem is witnessing a realignment.

Tags auto value entire huge


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