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Tag: airport

After Criticism, Homeland Security Drops Plans To Expand Airport Face Recognition Scans To US Citizens

2019-12-05 22:20:50| digg

The agency has rescinded its proposition to make the scans for citizens mandatory.

Tags us security face plans

The Silicon Valley Airport Has Its First Robot Barista

2019-12-04 23:25:50| digg

Which is all well and fine, but who will give us those cool-moody vibes when we pick up our coffee now?

Tags valley airport robot silicon

Brazil: Brazil Allows Arbitration In Public Contracts In The Port, Road, Rail, Waterway And Airport Sectors - Hogan Lovells

2019-12-04 03:55:08| Mondaq.Com

One effective way to manage risk allocation and especially political risk in state contracts consists of delegating dispute resolution and contract interpretation to arbitrators.

Tags public road port brazil

Homeland Security wants airport face scans for US citizens

2019-12-03 00:53:00| Engadget

Homeland Security is joining the ranks of government agencies pushing for wider use of facial recognition for US travelers. The department has proposed that US citizens, not just visa holders and visitors, should go through a mandatory facial recogn...

Tags security face airport citizens

My 27-Hour Vacation In Singapore's Changi Airport

2019-12-02 14:52:51| digg

Before you recoil at the thought of an airport holiday, let me explain. This is no ordinary airport. It's Singapore's Changi: part theme park, part futuristic pleasure dome

Tags vacation airport changi singapores


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