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Tag: rules

United States: Nasdaq Proposes New Rules To Address Emerging Market Listings; Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act - Cooley LLP

2020-05-31 11:47:55| Mondaq.Com

Yesterday, the SEC formally announced its July 9 roundtable on emerging markets.

Tags address united states united states

Amazon sellers use 'collectible' label to dodge price gouging rules

2020-05-31 10:56:20| Engadget

Amazons measures to prevent price gouging have a relatively simple workaround. The Verge has learned that some third-party sellers are marking products as collectible to evade Amazons automated price controls. The internet retailer reportedly has...

Tags price rules amazon sellers

Twitter said Trump broke its rules. Facebook allows the same posts.

2020-05-29 22:34:10| Engadget

If Twitters decision to hide Donald Trumps tweet has amped up the pressure on Facebook to do the same, it hasnt resulted in any noticeable action from the social network. Twitter said in a statement Trumps words received the label in the interes...

Tags the same posts rules

Entering the marijuana industry is hard. For those applying under social equity rules, the coronavirus adds a new challenge.

2020-05-27 21:48:25| Chicago Tribune news - Business

Opening a marijuana business has never been easy. But for minorities and other applicants trying to break into Illinois cannabis industry, the challenges are stark, particularly during the coronavirus crisis.

Tags new social hard industry

Dutch PM Mark Rutte didn't see mother before her death because he followed virus lockdown rules

2020-05-25 21:31:56| Telegraph Business

Tags mark rules death mother


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