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Why Novavax Stock Is Printing a New All-Time High Today

2020-08-05 16:00:00| Fool.com Headlines

Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine might be the best of the bunch.

Tags high today stock printing

Meghan Markle wins right to keep friends' names private in latest High Court skirmish

2020-08-05 11:41:40| Telegraph Business

Tags high private friends latest

Gold hits record high of over $2,000 per ounce - business live

2020-08-05 09:59:00| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial newsIntroduction: Gold has scaled $2,000 for first timeInflation fears and Covid-19 pandemic push precious metals upAnalysts: Gold can go higher still 8.59am BST Fears that the coronavirus pandemic will intensify are pushing gold prices higher, says Giles Coghlan, chief currency analyst at trading firm HYCM.We know that investors rally to gold in times of uncertainty. The reason for this is simple gold is a safe haven asset that is able to maintain, and indeed increase, its value during volatile periods. To me, 2020 will be known as the year of the gold rush. Its spot price has increased by 32% since the beginning of the year. and finally broken $2,000. This an astounding performance, and naturally has people questioning just how high the price of gold will go. Momentum and confidence is high, and I get the impression that people are keen to see how how the price of gold can go. 8.52am BST Gold is also being driven higher by speculators, who have been piling into exchange traded funds (ETFs) which hold the precious metal.ETFs give investors exposure to an asset without the hassle of actually having to buy it themselves --- particularly handy for an expensive commodity such as gold. Investors continue to pile into gold ETFs, with holdings having increased by more than 820koz over the last week, leaving them at a record 108.51moz. Given that low rates and a weaker US Dollar are likely to persist, we believe that there is still further upside for gold prices.GLD ETF bigger than most central banks gold hoarding https://t.co/s8eT1tQDUu pic.twitter.com/2tlwJysoiFSPDR Gold Shares, an ETF that owns physical bullion rather than just financial derivatives, has hoovered up gold this year as investors seeking price gains or a haven asset channel more money into the fund. The size of the funds holdings which are held in HSBCs London vaults has climbed to 1,258 tonnes.On Monday and Tuesday alone it added another 15 tonnes, roughly five times as much as Michael Caines bank robbers lifted in The Italian Job, based on the $4m value of the gold taken in the 1969 film. Continue reading...

Tags business high live record

Gold price hits record high above $2,000 an ounce

2020-08-05 07:59:03| BBC News | Business | World Edition

Precious metal values have been pushed up as investors look for havens amid the coronavirus crisis.

Tags price high record gold

Gold prices hit fresh record high, near Rs 54,800

2020-08-05 06:08:52| The Economic Times

Gold prices hit fresh record high, near Rs 54,800India has reported over 19 lakh Covid-19 cases by now with nearly 40,000 deaths. Gold tends to gain when interest rates are low and political and economic uncertainties are high.

Tags high record prices hit


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