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Tag: aid

Government Watchdog Concludes Trump Administration Broke Law By Withholding Ukraine Aid

2020-01-16 17:19:25| digg

The issue is at the center of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Tags law government administration aid

Eargo's next hearing aid promises improved sound in the same tiny size

2020-01-09 15:00:00| Engadget

Eargo has made a name for itself by doing things differently when it comes to hearing aids. Instead of the usual range of over-the-ear devices, all the company's products are "invisible" (Completely in the Canal -- CIC). That in itself isn't unusual,...

Tags size sound improved aid

Phonak Virto Black hands-on: A hearing aid that gives you super powers

2020-01-08 22:45:00| Engadget

Something weird is happening. I'm walking through a Las Vegas casino having a normal conversation with someone on my left. This might not seem too weird to you, but the noisy background of slot machines and desperation, combined with my one-sided hea...

Tags you black super aid

CVS, Walgreens, And Rite Aid Sue Doctors In Latest Move In Federal Opioid Case

2020-01-08 17:42:00| Fool.com Headlines

The drugstores allege it was the doctors who prescribed the pills who should shoulder the culpability for the opioid crisis.

Tags case latest move federal

This laser aid helps Parkinson's patients maintain their mobility

2020-01-08 14:45:00| Engadget

Sixty-thousand Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease each year. The progressive nervous system disorder impacts the body's motor neurons causing tremors, slowing and stiffening of limb movements, and a halting walking gate. While there is...

Tags maintain helps aid patients


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