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Tag: fix

'Destiny 2' is offline as Bungie tries to fix a data-erasing bug

2020-01-28 22:42:00| Engadget

You might not want to look at your Destiny 2 inventory right now if you're an avid player -- you could be in for a rude shock. Bungie has taken the game offline for "emergency maintenance" after discovering that the latest update appears to have era...

Tags offline bug fix destiny

One Small Fix Would Curb Stingray Surveillance

2020-01-27 23:41:17| Wired News: Top Stories

The technology needed to limit stingrays is clearbut good luck getting telecoms on board.

Tags small fix surveillance curb

Vine successor Byte vows to fix its spam problem

2020-01-27 10:40:00| Engadget

Vine replacement Byte already seems to be a success, gathering not only former Vine users but the TikTok crowd, too. With that popularity has come a new problem, however: comment spam. In particular, the crowds of new users are treating Byte like a g...

Tags problem spam fix byte

My Quest To Fix My Terrible Home WiFi

2020-01-24 17:40:54| digg

Ever since I moved into a Brooklyn duplex, I've struggled to blanket my space in consistent, speedy signal.

Tags home fix quest terrible

My quest to fix my terrible home WiFi

2020-01-24 16:00:00| Engadget

When I was young -- in high school or so -- my sister and I had a system worked out. Our Comcast cable internet service routinely seemed to flake out, so she and I would take turns running downstairs to the router, unplugging it, waiting for what fel...

Tags home fix quest terrible


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