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Tag: change

Apple Feature Forces Change in Online Ad Industry

2019-12-11 19:38:30| E-Commerce Times

Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature has made it difficult for online advertisers to use cookies to target Safari users. Third-party cookies "serve as the foundation for almost all advertising use cases," noted Jordan Mitchell, head of consumer privacy, identity and data at the IAB Tech Lab. The blocking "negatively affects the ability for brands to target audiences."

Tags online change industry feature

American Airlines Forced Woman To Change 'Hail Satan' Shirt Or Get Kicked Off

2019-12-09 20:10:59| digg

When an American Airlines crew member asked Swati Runi Goyal to get her things and follow him to the front of the plane during her Oct. 30 flight from Florida to Nevada, she thought she was getting upgraded to first class.

Tags off change american woman

Study says climate change is starving the oceans of oxygen

2019-12-08 22:47:00| Engadget

The effect of climate change on oceans is likely more extensive than you think. A study from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) indicated that climate change and the ensuing hotter water reduced the amount of oxygen dissolved...

Tags change study climate climate change

3 Things That Could Change at Alphabet Under Sundar Pichai

2019-12-05 16:20:00| Fool.com Headlines

Pichai could enact some meaningful and welcome changes for investors.

Tags under change things alphabet

Should you change your mutual fund strategy?

2019-12-05 08:21:37| The Economic Times

Should you change your mutual fund strategy?RBI today surprised everyone by keeping the policy rates unchanged, contrary to expectations of 15-25 basis points cut.

Tags change strategy fund mutual


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