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Tag: reportedly

Microsoft reportedly considers buying all of TikTok

2020-08-06 18:57:36| Engadget

Microsofts hoped-for TikTok deal could see it acquire much more than operations in the US and a few other countries. Financial Times sources claim Microsoft is pursuing plans to acquire all of TikToks worldwide business. ByteDance would still own T...

Tags microsoft buying considers reportedly

New York and California are reportedly helping the FTC investigate Amazon

2020-08-04 00:13:56| Engadget

Amazon could soon have another problem on its hands. According to Bloomberg, New York attorney general Letitia James is partnering with her counterpart in California and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the online retailer. Bloomberg repor...

Tags york california amazon helping

Garmin reportedly paid millions to resolve its recent ransomware attack

2020-08-03 20:02:11| Engadget

Garmin suffered an outage last month that temporarily took many of the companys systems and services offline. It later claimed it was the victim of a cyberattack without offering specifics of what caused it. Reports suggested ransomware was involved...

Tags recent paid millions attack

Tesla is reportedly close to making a more affordable Model Y

2020-08-02 19:12:30| Engadget

Tesla might be close to making the Model Y decidedly more affordable. Electrek sources claim the automaker has begun trial production of a rear-wheel drive Long Range version of the electric crossover that would lower the price compared to the all-wh...

Tags y close making model

TikTok owner reportedly agrees to sell US stake to avoid ban

2020-08-01 17:35:47| Engadget

TikTok may drop its ties to China in very short order. Reuters sources claim TikToks Chinese owner, ByteDance, has agreed to sell its stake in the social networks US operations to avert a possible ban. The agreement would have Microsoft protect Ame...

Tags sell owner avoid ban


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