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Tag: benefits

Govt to relax eligibility for unemployment benefits

2020-08-12 15:20:27| The Economic Times

Govt to relax eligibility for unemployment benefitsThe ministry's proposal, which will be presented before the corporation meeting on August 20, can benefit over 32 million ESIC subscribers should they become unemployed.

Tags benefits eligibility relax unemployment

Coronavirus Could Cost Pre-Retirees $70,000 in Social Security Benefits

2020-08-12 13:44:00| Fool.com Headlines

Here's why some seniors will face an outsized effect due to COVID-19.

Tags social security cost benefits

Uber wants the government's help to establish a gig workers 'benefits' fund

2020-08-10 17:01:30| Engadget

Uber has been under fire for the last few years about how it classifies its drivers. At least a few states believe those drivers should be treated as full employees, with the benefits that come along with it. Uber, on the other hand, continues to arg...

Tags benefits workers establish fund

2 science-backed benefits of making small talk with coworkers

2020-08-09 07:00:14| Fast Company

The researchers show that even though chitchat is superficial, “it’s about building culture and collaboration.” Small talk with coworkers in the break room and pleasantries exchanged with office staff are more meaningful than you might think, according to an Academy of Management Journal article.Read Full Story

Tags with small making talk

Second stimulus check updates: Trump says hes considering executive action on unemployment benefits, protections for preexisting conditions (which already exist)

2020-08-08 16:26:46| Chicago Tribune news - Business

President Donald Trump said he will be pursuing executive orders over coronavirus aid (and something Obamacare already does).

Tags which conditions check action


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