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Vesuvius victims at Herculaneum had much more painful deaths than previously thought, British scientists find

2020-01-23 14:20:58| Telegraph Business

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Wealth gap widening for more than 70% of global population, researchers find

2020-01-22 13:46:57| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Policymakers urged to act on climate and bridge digital divide as study shows soaring inequality is affecting millionsInequality has reached unprecedented levels, with more than 70% of the global population living in countries where the wealth gap is growing, according to a new UN report.Social and economic disparities have soared even in countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, where inequality had been falling in recent decades, found the World Social Report. Continue reading...

Tags find global population researchers

These salad vending machines are going to be a lot easier to find in New York

2020-01-21 10:00:12| Fast Company

Fresh Bowl aims to have 50 vending machines operating by the end of this year, and a total of 100 in 18 months. Less than a year after launching in New York City, Fresh Bowl, the company that offers vending machine salads and other on-the-go meals in returnable glass to hungry commuters as a way to cut down on our immense food packaging waste, has big plans to expand. Currently, there are just five kiosks in the city, but cofounder Zach Lawless says the company aims to have 50 vending machines by the end of this year, and a total of 100 in 18 months.Read Full Story

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UN report: half a billion people struggle to find adequate paid work

2020-01-20 21:00:35| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Study also shows global unemployment due to rise for the first time in a decade Nearly half a billion people around the world are struggling to find adequate paid work, trapping individuals in poverty and fuelling heightened levels of inequality, according to a UN report.In a study published as world leaders fly into the Swiss ski resort of Davos to voice concerns over inequality and the climate crisis, the UNs International Labour Organization (ILO) said more than 473 million people around the world lacked the employment opportunities to meet their needs. Continue reading...

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We Hope That Someday We Can Find As Much Bliss As This Dog Getting His Teeth Brushed

2020-01-17 16:22:48| digg

This dog loves getting his teeth cleaned by his owner.

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