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Tag: ending

'Morality Pills' May Be The US's Best Shot At Ending The Coronavirus Pandemic, According To One Ethicist

2020-08-10 18:43:50| digg

Rather than a vaccine to beef up your immune system, a psychoactive substance could boost your cooperative, pro-social behavior, curtailing the selfish actions that spur on coronavirus's spread.

Tags to one shot ending

This Trailer For Charlie Kaufman's 'I'm Thinking Of Ending Things' Will Leave You Feeling Deeply Unsettled

2020-08-06 17:20:01| digg

A woman is thinking of breaking things off six weeks into a relationship when she has an eerie visit with her boyfriend's parents. Coming to Netflix on September 4, 2020.

Tags you things leave thinking

Phil Schiller is ending his long reign as Apple's marketing chief

2020-08-04 19:50:39| Engadget

Phil Schiller, the longtime face of the iPhone, has a new job. Hes now an Apple Fellow, acting as a top-level adviser after 33 years at the company, where he was a leader in hardware and product marketing. Schiller remains in charge of the App Store...

Tags long marketing chief ending

An Alternate Ending For Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree'

2020-08-01 17:19:22| digg

Read The Giving Tree as usual, then when the Boy comes hustling for a house, switch to this.

Tags tree giving ending alternate


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