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ESA opens plant that turns moondust into oxygen

2020-01-20 05:33:00| Engadget

If humans are going to have a long-term presence on the Moon, they're going to need breathable air and rocket fuel -- and the ESA might just have a way to create both using the Moon itself. The agency is running a prototype plant that converts moond...

Tags plant opens turns oxygen

This unsettling practice turns your phone into a tracking device for the government

2020-01-17 09:00:02| Fast Company

Reverse search warrants, in which a court forces tech firms like Google to provide information on users in a certain geographic area at a certain time, are becoming an increasingly popular tactic for law enforcement. As President Trump revives his administration’s familiar fight with Apple over encryption, condemning the tech giant for not breaking into its own devices, news is coming to light about a new frontier in the battle over government surveillance. Court documents reveal previously unreported instances of the so-called “reverse search warrant”: court orders demanding that tech firms provide all the information on users in a certain geographic area at a certain time. While this tactic is relatively rare today, it holds the power to transform every internet-enabled gadget into a government tracking device.Read Full Story

Tags the phone government practice

Artist Refik Anadol Turns Data Into Art, With Help From AI

2020-01-16 19:03:46| Wired News: Top Stories

He sees pools of data as raw material for visualizations that he calls a new kind of sculpture.

Tags with data art artist

Crude oil outlook turns bearish on US-Iran relief, surplus fears

2020-01-15 15:11:19| The Economic Times

Crude oil prices, however, may get some boost from phase one of US-China trade deal.

Tags oil relief turns outlook

Climate activist turns down Siemens' offer of seat on energy board

2020-01-13 18:03:04| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Protest group leader Luisa Neubauer says she would lose right to criticise the companyThe leader of Germanys Friday for Future climate protests has said she turned down a seat on the board of Siemens new energy business amid growing anger over its role in a controversial coal mining project in Australia as she feared she would lose the right to criticise the company.Luisa Neubauer, 23, the German face of the campaign group inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who has campaigned alongside her, said on Monday the position would jeopardise her independence if she had taken up the offer from its chief executive, Joe Kaeser, made at a meeting in Berlin on Friday. Continue reading...

Tags board offer energy siemens


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