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Tag: truth

The Truth Behind The Repo Non-QE QE Money Printing

2019-12-04 18:23:17| GoldSeek.com News

As the global economy, including the U.S. economy notwithstanding the insistence to the contrary by the Fed and Trump, continues to contract its quite probable that CLOs/leveraged loans will begin to melt-down Chernobyl-style. Referring back to the SPX/CLO bond price chart above, in my view theres no coincidence that the Feds intervention in the repo market commenced at about the same time the triple-B CLO bonds began to take a dive. That price decline is even more pronounced for the tranches with ratings below triple-BBB. To be sure, CLOs are not the only financial wildfire outbreak targeted by the Feds money printing, but I would wager a healthy amount of gold coins that distress in the CLO market is one of the primary troubles right now. And the problem is magnified when you take into account the credit default swap transactions wrapped around these CLO trusts. These derivative trades also require an increasing amount of collateral as CLO tranche distress escalates.

Tags money truth printing repo

The Plain Truth About Fancy Water

2019-12-04 18:08:19| digg

Is alkaline water really better for you? What do electrolytes actually do? And what is ionized water? Here's what science says.

Tags water truth plain fancy

Truth finally prevails, Congress says after SC bail to Chidambaram

2019-12-04 08:21:10| The Economic Times

Several party leaders welcomed the order granting bail to the former minister, who has been in custody for 105 days, with Chidambaram's lawyer and Congress colleague Abhishek Manu Singhvi describing the ruling as "excellent light after a rather long tunnel."

Tags to finally truth congress

The truth about investing in cash-cow firms

2019-12-03 02:54:42| The Economic Times

The truth about investing in cash-cow firmsThe recent debt-related turmoil in India Inc has one underlying theme unsuccessful diversification into non-core areas. Even if the flagship businesses are strong, investors can still suffer value erosion due to failed diversification. An established cash-generating business tends to increase the risk appetite of the promoter or the management.

Tags truth firms investing

'Only one of us is telling the truth', says Prince Andrew's accuser 

2019-11-28 20:39:11| Telegraph Business

Tags says truth prince telling


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