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Tag: dog

This Dog Has No Intention Of Sharing Ice Cream

2020-08-09 21:18:22| digg

"Zelda refuses to share pretty much anything she has. Food, of course, is no exception."

Tags dog ice sharing cream

Is It Safe To Let Your Dog Lick Your Face? Here's What Their Germs Look Like In A Petri Dish

2020-08-08 18:19:41| digg

Nate Bonham and Calli Gade of The King of Random explore the cleanliness of dog kisses.

Tags like look face safe

This Dog Really Wants To Eat Its Owner's Popcorn

2020-08-05 20:40:21| digg

"I keep on delivering these subtle hints — how are you not noticing?"

Tags owners dog eat popcorn

Dog Takes Tug Of War With Puppy Way Too Seriously

2020-08-04 18:18:31| digg

This poor puppy messed with the wrong full-grown dog.

Tags war takes dog seriously

First dog to test positive for coronavirus in the US has died

2020-07-31 04:42:26| Telegraph Business

Tags us has test positive


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