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Tag: health

China agrees to Covid probe as Taiwan issue diluted in World Health Assembly

2020-05-19 05:06:32| The Economic Times

While India has backed the motion on probe, it did not indicate any stand on Taiwan's re-entry into WHA. Officially, India follows one-China policy, though the country maintains a trade office in Taipei and allows Taiwan to maintain trade and culture office in Delhi.

Tags world health china issue

United States: The Next Normal: A Littler Insight On Returning To Work Safety And Health - Littler Mendelson

2020-05-19 03:58:45| Mondaq.Com

Over a roughly two-month period, COVID-19 has completely upended work as we know it. Businesses across the globe have struggled to function with limited staff and resources, ...

Tags work health united states

Peloton Is Suing Icon Health Over Patent Infringement

2020-05-18 19:42:00| Fool.com Headlines

The lawsuit comes three months after Peloton reached a settlement in a similar suit.

Tags health icon patent infringement

COVID-19 has spawned a mental health crisis. Can branding help break the taboo?

2020-05-18 12:30:09| Fast Company

Pentagram’s Paula Scher designs the visual identity for Kenneth Cole’s new relaunched Mental Health Coalition. COVID-19 is taking a huge toll on mental health. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on all parts of life—filling hospitals, emptying public spaces, shuttering businesses, and closing social circles to the confines of our homes (save the occasional Zoom call). If someone is feeling alone, the self-isolation that quarantine requires might make that person feel the most alone they’ve ever felt.Read Full Story

Tags the health break mental

South Africa: Privacy During #LockdownSA A Slippery Slope Or A Key To Public Health? - Schoemanlaw Inc.

2020-05-18 07:09:04| Mondaq.Com

The Government announced that it would be using mobile tracking technology and other methods as a way to combat SARS-CoV- 19 (the Virus) and COVID-19.

Tags to privacy inc public


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