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Tag: shows

The Revealing And Disturbing Story Of America, Told Through 20 Years Of Reality Dating Shows

2020-08-05 22:19:25| digg

The revealing and disturbing story of America, told through 20 years of reality dating shows.

Tags years story shows america

The FBIs July Gun Data Shows Another Month of Record Background Checks

2020-08-03 20:43:00| Fool.com Headlines

It equals the third-greatest number of monthly background checks ever performed.

Tags data july month record

Google's latest Chrome extension shows detailed ad-tracking data

2020-08-03 10:30:48| Engadget

Google has released a Chrome extension that can give you more insight into how youre being targeted by advertisers. Called Ads Transparency Spotlight, it shows the number of ads loading on a page, the advertisers and ad tech companies present, and...

Tags data latest shows detailed

Study shows frontline healthcare workers at greater risk of coronavirus, despite protective gear

2020-08-01 04:58:14| Telegraph Business

Tags study shows risk greater

Time Travel Simulation Shows Quantum 'Butterfly Effect' Doesn't Exist

2020-07-31 17:19:05| digg

Unintended "butterfly effect"-style consequences of time travel might be a juicy problem in science fiction, but physicists now have reason to believe in a quantum landscape, tweaking history in this way shouldn't be a major problem.

Tags time travel shows effect


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