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Tag: caught

Child abuse victims should have right to sue paedophiles caught with images of them, children charities say

2019-11-17 22:30:00| Telegraph Business

Tags them images say children

'Serial rapist' facing 37 charges 'told officer': 'If you had caught me for the first two, the rest of this wouldnt have happened'

2019-11-13 12:53:30| Telegraph Business

Tags the of have this

The IQ Test For Kids That Never Caught On

2019-11-07 00:21:25| digg

Joseph Fagan III developed an IQ test for kids he said could predict an infant's future intelligence. Luckily the idea of measuring baby IQ never caught on.

Tags on test kids caught

The World's Worst Burglars Get Caught Red Handed Stealing A Washing Machine, Promptly Put It Back

2019-11-06 19:49:13| digg

Burglars in the United Kingdom are so stunned to be caught stealing this washing machine, they quickly return it.

Tags it back put red


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