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Tag: job

Apr 13, Writing Job Descriptions for Hiring Success

2021-04-13 23:38:58| Leadership Tools - Tools leaders use to maximize profits and ensure quality grow

Discover why writing job descriptions effectively is critical to hiring the right person for the right position.

Tags job apr writing success

I Thought My Job Was To Report On Tech In India. Instead, I've Watched Democracy Collapse

2021-04-11 19:07:38| digg

I love writing about tech. But covering how a Hindu nationalist government is using it to destroy a secular democracy isn't what I signed up for.

Tags report job thought tech

The Most Revealing Questions To Ask During A Job Interview

2021-04-09 22:43:55| digg

At the end of a job interview, the hiring manager will usually ask you what questions you have for them. Here are the best questions to ask to learn everything about a company's culture.

Tags questions job interview revealing

Study suggests Facebook shows users different job ads based on their gender

2021-04-09 16:43:33| Engadget

Gender identity seemed to impact whether someone saw an employment ad for NVIDIA or Netflix.

Tags their based users study

4 signs it is time to move on from your current job

2021-04-09 09:00:22| Fast Company

If you’re starting to think you’re ready for a new job or role, here’s what to consider. As the months of the COVID-19 pandemic have worn on, lots of people have had time to reflect on their careers. For one thing, a lot of people have lost their jobs or have had to reorient their focus because of the influences of the pandemic on their work. For another, work has played a more central role in many people’s lives because social interactions and hobbies have been harder to pursue.Read Full Story

Tags your time current job


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