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Tag: bear

Bear Visits A House Late At Night, Goes Straight Over To Ring The Doorbell

2020-09-14 23:17:02| digg

Knock, knock, who's bear?

Tags to the house night

Bear Radar

2020-09-14 22:55:53| Between the Hedges

Tags bear radar bear radar

Bear Radar

2020-09-14 20:56:15| Between the Hedges

Tags bear radar bear radar

Watch Teenage Keanu Reeves Cover A Canadian Teddy Bear Convention In This Throwback Clip

2020-09-14 00:18:51| digg

Years before he became Neo, and John Wick, Keanu was an intrepid reporter in Canada.

Tags cover watch clip bear

First Ever Preserved Grown Up Cave Bear – Even Its Nose Is Intact – Unearthed On The Arctic Island

2020-09-12 22:18:53| digg

Cave bears went extinct 15,000 years ago. Until now, our knowledge about them has been largely limited to studies of their bones and teeth. This adult bear carcass, discovered by a reindeer herder on an Arctic Island, still has its organs intact.

Tags the on island bear


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